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NEWS EV talks to Paul Leaman - November 16, '98
Paul Leaman, MAMEDEV, has been working with emulators for almost two years now. He has contributed a good number of drivers the likes of you have to know about. 1942, Speed Rumbler and more recently, Strider and the Street Fighter 2 games. In this InterView we get to know Paul and his views regarding stand alone emulation [...more]
NEWS MAME Drivers gallore, Bryan McPhail - October 16, '98
If you have played MAME, you have had to have seen the name Bryan McPhail in one of those credit screens. Many people find the name familiar, however this MAME driver author has not received the deserved publicity. Albeit his shyness maybe, he has contributed numerous drivers to the MAME collection, mainly in the [...more]
NEWS Mirko talks MAME - September 26, '98
Since when most of us started playing with MAME, Mirko Buffoni has been half of the administrative staff behind MAME. He has devoted a lot of time and effort making sure MAME stayed on track to be the great emulator that it is. Unfortunately, that has changed. In this InterView, Mirko talks about his retirement from [...more]
NEWS Richard Bannister - EmuMac - September 14, '98
For the not so popular but still strong and powerful platform provided by the Mac, few people have dared spent time to maintain emulation alive in there. Richard Bannister, young Jedi of Macintosh programming, decides to port every living emulator into the Macintosh. In charge of the Mac port of Retrocade among other [...more]
NEWS RaskY Psykes EmuViews! - September 13, '98
February 1st, 1998. Psyke becomes a work in progress. September, 1998. Only seven months in development, a very young Psyke, by one of the youngest emulator authors out there, is playing Tekken 3. Along with mOoNsHaDo, RaskY has devoted a lot of time to developing one great Playstation emulator that emphasizes on speed [...more]
NEWS Alex Pasadyn & TMS34010 - September 12, '98
Just before EmuViews went down for the last time, we showed you some pics of the TMS34010 games (Smash TV, Narc, etc). These awesome games have come a long way to be emulated thanks to the heavenly talents of Mr. Alex Pasadyn, MAME developer extraordinaire. Devoted to make these games work, Alex has worked very hard [...more]
NEWS The Dead of Slapstic - September 12, '98
The last very awaited MAME was MAME v0.31. Why? Simply because there were no public betas before that. Why was this one of the greatest releases ever? A huge surprise came in the form of the Atari System 1 games. Nobody expected to play Marble Madness, Toobin, etc because there was this dreaded Slapstic chip that encrypted [...more]
NEWS Neil Bradley Talks Retrocade! - September 12, '98
In a few days, Retrocade will be released to the public. This has been one of the most awaited emulators for a long long time. There are many reasons for this. Among them the fact that many great favorites are in it, some new previously unemulated games, faster speeds and a killer GUI make up this great Emulator. [...more]
NEWS PSEmu Pro's Tratax InterViewed! - September 12, '98
Not too long ago, PSEmu Pro was released to the public for the first time. This was a very awaited emulator since it plays a variety of Playstation games. Playstation is the most popular console on the market, thus the greatness of this emulator. We decided to drop Tratax a couple of Questions so you can take a [...more]
NEWS DanB talks about the Emulation World - August 9, 1998
Daniel Boris,(DanB) has been working on the emulation scene since very early in its development. He has worked in various projects ranging from Virtual VCS, an Atari 2600 emulator to the very well known MAME. We decided to drop in and ask a few questions about his experiences, the world of Emulation, and MAME [...more]
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