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NEWS Jimmy Hamm (Thunder) InterViewed - July 3, 1998
In the past few months, a new emulator has gotten the attention of many, featuring a previously un-emulated (although highly requested) game. The emulator, previously known as ThundEM is now called Thunder and features the likes of Rolling Thunder. This game has been one of the most popular fast action side scrollers [...more]
NEWS Kevin Brisley (Replay+) InterViewed - June 29, '98
Last week, a brand new emulator for already known author Kevin Brisley emerged. This emulator, known as Replay+, featured Network Play, allowing for users half a planet away, to play with each other in some Arcade Classics supported by this emulators. Not only that, but a new open platform was born. Open to programmers [...more]
NEWS Larry Bank from Cage InterViewed! - June 27, '98
Phew... It has been too long since the last InterView and you may have thought I had run out of InterViewees. Well guess again, here is one, and I have some others in the queue. This is one of the main features of EV and I won't let it slide. So this time, the InterView is with Larry Bank, the soul of C.A.G.E. This [...more]
NEWS Neil Bradley, pioneer, InterViewed - June 15, '98
This time we take a look at one of the pioneers of Emulation itself, Neil Bradley. Neil has achieved an incredible amount of goals in emulation and his contributions are spreaded all over different emulators. Despite his vast experience and amount of work on his back, he is a very friendly developer and has offered [...more]
NEWS Exclusive InterView Thierrys Last Words - June 12, '98
Thierry Lescot, our first InterViewee ever, and the person in a very big part for putting us on the map has resigned from Emulator coding, in particular from his very own System16. Read on in this last Exclusive InterView on the reasons for his retirement as Thierry elaborates on yesterdays message on the System [...more]
NEWS EV talks to J3d! about Raine and MAME - June 9, 1998
Richard Bush, to some known as J3d!, is the author of one of the more popular Arcade Emulators around, RAINE. RAINE is a multi game emulator. It plays 24 different games ranging from Operation Thunderbolt to the very popular Wrestlefest. Richard has granted us an InterView in which we even chat about other emu issues [...more]
NEWS Bartman talks S16 Direct X - June 7, 1998
As you may have read on numerous postings to the News department at EmuViews, Bartman has been working for quite some time now on the DirectX port of the great System 16. His progress has been nothing short of exceptional, and the features added to the Emu make it look better than ever. I got together with Bartman [...more]
NEWS Matt Conte InterViewed - June 5, 1998
Eazy Cheeze has provided EmuViews with yet another exciting InterView after a short hiatus. The InterViewee is Matt Conte, creator of Nofrendo. Nofrendo is a Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) emulator that has been around for a while now. It is now been rewritten, and you lucky readers get a chance to take [...more]
NEWS Tekken 3 playable? Lets talk PSEmu! - May 27, '98
One thing that most of the time goes hand by hand with Emulation, is Nostalgia and old games. Some exceptional people tend to think, that shouldn't be the case. They have showed us that Emulation is taking one CPU where it has never gone before. In this case, two special people, Tratax and Duddie, decided they [...more]
NEWS Magnus Danielson, Shark Programmer - May 26, '98
Magnus Danielson is the head programmer for Shark, one of the newest emulators around. Along with Henrik Skarstedt and Johan Köhler, they have formed the Dead Serious Clan which is also responsible for Gekko, the first publicly available (and now on pause) Neo-Geo emulator. So we called Magnus out for quick InterView [...more]
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