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Ring Rage - by Kurgan
Shaddam, nicknamed "The Killer" smashes Deckerd with a brutal flying knee that leaves him flat on his back, then pins him to the floor. The slender martial artist struggles as The Killer stretches his neck in a submission hold. Suddenly out of the corner of his eye, he spies his partner Yasha, the Ninja Warrior, heft a [...more]
Vampire Saviour - by Dorsola
Following up on the Vampire series is the THIRD (and reportedly final) sequel: Vampire Savior. This game brings back the cast of Vampire/Darkstalkers and adds a bunch of new characters, including Lei-Lei/Hsien-Ko, Lilith (Morrigan's sister), and Jadeh, the Demon of the Dark. (I probably don't have that title right, [...more]
Vampire - by Dorsola
Capcom scored big in the arcade business when they released the original Street Fighter II. This game took the world by storm, and through a series of sequels and derivative editions, is now regarded as the most famous and most successful fighter series of all time. Capitalizing on this market, Capcom started to release [...more]
Time Killers - by EazyCheeze
In 1992, a company I had never heard of, Strata, released a game that at the time I thought was incredibly cool. The game was Time Killers, and it resembled Mortal Kombat in many ways, with one exception: dismemberment did not only come at the end of a match! Yes, you could chop off your opponents' arms and head at [...more]
Shinobi - by WinZippy
I must admit to never playing Shinobi much in the Arcades. I was first introduced to it when it was converted to my Amstrad CPC, and I have to say that I liked it a lot, although this was helped by the fact that it was one of the few Amstrad games to have half decent scrolling! I later came across the arcade cabinet [...more]
Cadillacs and Dinosaurs - by Personan
Although Cadillacs and Dinosaurs came out after my arcadegaming bedtime, I had the privilege of getting into this fine little videogame on a camping holiday last year at the Guincho in Portugal. The game is based upon the "Award winning comic series" of the same name, of which I know nothing about but hey, who cares? [...more]
Rival Schools - by Sungam
Ahh... been a while since I last reviewed a game. Those of you who've read my past reviews might be able to guess what made me come back: The Impact! I'm a longtime fan of Capcom and their work so naturally this whole Impact deal caught my attention in a jippy. Some of Capcom's latest (and maybe best) arcade games popping [...more]
King of Dragons - by Ice Knight
King of Dragons is an all around four star game. It has great graphics, long, fun gameplay and near perfect emulation under Callus. Only minor flaws prevent this from being a five star game and getting 10 in every category.
King of Dragons is a Side-scroller kill everything that moves Golden Axe style game. You start [...more]
Street Smart - by BMan2
Street Smart is one of SNK's last non Neogeo titles - however - it certainly set the scene for the onslaught of mind numbing fighters we saw on the ageless 2D system. It mixes a quasi three dimensional playfield - with a standard kick/punch fighting style game - and unfortunately just fails to pull it off.
I've never [...more]
Samurai Showdown 2 - by Nightbird
A long time ago I reviewed Samurai Shodown II. That review was done when the NeoGeo emulators still didn't have sound emulation. Now that the NeoGeo is almost perfectly emulated, I figured it would be a good time to re-reView this title.
First off, SNK has built a reputation off of incrementally improving their [...more]
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