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Pole Position - by D@Z
This game brings backs so many memories to me,when I first walked in the arcades at the age of about 8 I remember seeing this game.Every time I came off it I had empty pockets and a sore bum from the seat,but well worth it.
Pole position is one of the best arcade driving games I have played.It is so addictive,I just [...more]
Chase H.Q. - by Maddog
"...MORE,push it MORE!". Hmmmmmm,now that I have your attention and before censorship ends this text abruptly,I have to stress this is STILL EmuViews ReView area and the previous phrase is featured "as is" in a racing game (Chase HQ,that is...) and NOT in some kind of XXX site :P
Taito's Chase HQ dates back to '88, [...more]
Neo Drift Out - by Maddog
Neo Driftout (subtitled New Technology) is a game of roaring engines,screeching tyres and vicious crashes :) .Yep,you guessed right, what we 've here is yet another racing game,one of the few available for the Neo Geo system...
You have to take part in the World Rally Championship.This means taking your amazingly powerful [...more]
Enduro Racer - by Max Diablo
Sega has made some great check-point hopping games, such as Out Run and Hang-On, but Enduro Racer does not rank up with these. Once again we have a case of all graphics, no game.
This game is just not that fun. You're on a speed-bike, but you wouldn't be able to tell the way you putter along. Last time I checked, [...more]
Road Fighter - by Maddog
Road Fighter puts you behind the steering wheel of a massive V-12 DOHC 2500PS turbocharged piece of mean steel.You must drive at mind-boggling speeds,like a madman,across the continent.In this race, there's no prize for being second best!
At the race's start,you are placed at number 40 in the starting grid.Equiping every [...more]
Overtop - by Maddog
Well,people,wear your helmets and gloves,fasten your seat belt and follow me to a thrilling and ruthless racing experience:Overtop! It is one of the few Neo-Geo racing games around and I think it's the best of them,so let's take a look at it,shall we?
The plot is classically non-existent:Drive your car as fast as you [...more]
Lotus Esprit Turbo Challenge - by BMan2
It's amazing what the luxury of a fast computer allows you to do. You can play Quake 2 at blinding speeds - or maybe compile your hundred thousand line piece of source in the blink of the eye. But I've found a better thing for it - because tonight - I realised I can play MY favourite game of possibly the last ten years. [...more]
Out Run - by Maddog
Ahhhh,the breeze in your hair,the smell of burnin' rubber,a beautiful blonde by your side,an open-top Ferrari all yours and open roads before you...I bet this can be anybody's idea of heaven! Well,OutRun gives you all these and even more,so read on.
This game is the big granddaddy of all racing games.Actually, it's [...more]

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