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Wing Commander - by -^CrožBow^-
"Star-date 2654.122 - 15, April 2654... Only been about 3 months now that I have been stationed onboard the Tiger's Claw. Seems much longer than that. Yesterday was a good day for me. That is, I didn't bite it on the end of a Kitty dart. Man, the flight deck chief was sure pissed about those busted cannons on my Raptor. [...more]
Microsurgeon - by -^CrožBow^-
Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be able to go inside your own body and see first hand what is usually only visible in microscopes? Fantastic Voyage was a 1960's movie based on this very concept in that a prominent man suffers from an inoperable head trauma. Several games in the early 80's have tried to [...more]
Star Raiders (Atari 2600) - by -^CrožBow^-
REVENGE! Your home planet has just been destroyed, you have just narrowly escaped being destroyed yourself in the explosion, and of course since your past hour hasn't been bad enough you discover that a quick glance at your galactic scanner shows an alien fleet is headed towards your sole remaining Starbase. What is a [...more]
Star Wars Arcade (A2600) - by -^CrožBow^-
Parker Brothers was one of the largest third party providers for games for the Atari 2600 VCS during the early to mid 80s. Perhaps the series that Parker Brothers is best known for is their Star Wars series of games released for the VCS. There were five titles proposed of which only four actually made it to production [...more]
Crossbow - by -^CrožBow^-
When Atari released their 7800 ProSystem, they promised to the masses true arcade quality and sound for the home. Several conversions on the 7800 live up to this claim. One such game is a personal favorite of mine. That game is none other than Crossbowů
You and a band of your trustworthy friends set out on a trek [...more]
Starmaster - by -^CrožBow^-
1982 was a good year to be the proud owner of an Atari 2600 VCS system. Atari made several releases that year made possible by such previous successes as Space Invaders, Defender and even the bane of all conversionsůPac man. However, Atari werenĺt the only ones making games for the VCS at that time. Another company [...more]
Total Carnage - by EazyCheeze
1992 saw the release of a bloody, gory (but fun as all hell) semi-sequel to Williams/Midway's blockbuster hit, Smash TV. This was a different game, to be sure, but it had the same mechanics: upwards of fifty enemies on screen at one time, the tongue-in-cheek humor, the over-the-top gore, and a timely theme; the destruction [...more]
Star Castle - by D@Z
I don`t know how many people know this but this little game made a small appearence in a film,any idea`s ? Well it was the film Maximum Overdrive,a film about a strange force controlling all the vehicles in and around a gas station,watch it and see if you can spot it.
Anyway enough of its short film debut,on with the [...more]
Commando - by D@Z
I first played this game on my Spectrum 128k+ back in the 80`s and it was not till the late 80`s before I played it in the arcades.The graphics and sound were obviously better on the arcade version but the basic gameplay was the same,you start by being dropped off behind enemy lines by your helicoper crew and then your [...more]
Space Invaders - by D@Z
Space invaders was the start of great things to come in the arcade`s,without the great work of Toshihiro Nishikado (Designer and programmer) this may never have happened.The format of this game is so simple,yet so effective. With 55 aliens trying to land on the earth your mission is to destroy them all in time before they [...more]
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