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Super Puzzle Fighter 2X - by Dorsola
Capcom. You just hear the name and what's the first thing you think of? Fighting games! Overhead flying shooters! Puzzle games!
Puzzle games?!? Capcom doesn't make puzzle games!!
Um... well, yeah, they did. =) In 1997, the great CC released none other than "Super Puzzle Fighter 2" to the unsuspecting masses. [...more]
Puzzle Bobble 4 - by Dorsola
The fourth and most recent (not known if it's the final) installment in the Puzzle Bobble series is Puzzle Bobble 4. This game, like its predecessor, brings a few new challenges and yet another cast of characters - along with our old friends, the bubble-blowing dragons. Rich in graphic detail and featuring a few nice [...more]
Puzzle Bobble 3 - by Dorsola
If you liked the first Puzzle Bobble, you probably tried the second one. If you liked the second one, you should try the third one! Puzzle Bobble 3 (also known as Bust A Move 3) is, not surprisingly, the third game in the Puzzle Bobble series. Not the fifth! Five is right out! Puzzle Bobble 3, being the third game [...more]
Ring Rage - by Kurgan
Shaddam, nicknamed "The Killer" smashes Deckerd with a brutal flying knee that leaves him flat on his back, then pins him to the floor. The slender martial artist struggles as The Killer stretches his neck in a submission hold. Suddenly out of the corner of his eye, he spies his partner Yasha, the Ninja Warrior, heft a [...more]
Neo Turf Masters - by D@Z
I am a big fan of great arcade sports games and this one falls nicely into that catagory. There is not that many great arcade golf games emulated and this one is probably the best yet. Also known as Big tournament golf,Turf Masters has everything you expect from a great golf game.
First to decide is which playing mode [...more]
Star Wars Arcade (A2600) - by -^CrožBow^-
Parker Brothers was one of the largest third party providers for games for the Atari 2600 VCS during the early to mid 80s. Perhaps the series that Parker Brothers is best known for is their Star Wars series of games released for the VCS. There were five titles proposed of which only four actually made it to production [...more]
D&D 2: Shadow Over Mystara - by -^CrožBow^-
Add a bit of might, a dash of magic, a pinch of agility, throw in a few really nasty monsters, scatter some treasure, and then have Capcom make it. What do you get? You get the recipe for one of the best Hack 'N' Slash games ever made. The first time I spotted a D&D game in the arcades...I almost laughed at the spectacle [...more]
Ms. Pac-Man (Atari 7800) - by -^CrožBow^-
This little pink bowed wonder has managed to get herself ported to just about every console and system ever made. And while the arcade is still the best and cannot ever really be replaced, there is a conversion done to the console that does justice to this classic coin op. The Atari 7800 ProSystemĺs version of Ms. Pac-Man [...more]
Crossbow - by -^CrožBow^-
When Atari released their 7800 ProSystem, they promised to the masses true arcade quality and sound for the home. Several conversions on the 7800 live up to this claim. One such game is a personal favorite of mine. That game is none other than Crossbowů
You and a band of your trustworthy friends set out on a trek [...more]
Ms. Pac-Man - by D@Z
Born not long after the king of arcade`s, which is obviously Pac-Man, up pops Ms Pac-Man in 1981. She looks pretty much like Pac-Man apart from a small red bow on the top of her head. The gameplay is pretty much the same as it's predecessor,eat all the small dots scattered around the screen.
Sounds too easy I know, but [...more]
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