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Neo Turf Masters - by D@Z
I am a big fan of great arcade sports games and this one falls nicely into that catagory. There is not that many great arcade golf games emulated and this one is probably the best yet. Also known as Big tournament golf,Turf Masters has everything you expect from a great golf game.
First to decide is which playing mode [...more]
Ballblazer - by Dorsola
Greetings, Earthlings! Welcome to the Interstellar BallBlazer Tournament! In this unique 1-on-1 sports game, you are pitted against a friend or the computer (or you can even sit and watch two computer opponents duke it out with each other!) in a race to score more points than your foe before time runs out. The rules [...more]
Pigskin 621 A.D. - by Dorsola
I'm not usually into sports games. Most of the time, they're either too fast-paced or too boring, and I'm not really into reproducing the rules of baseball, football, basketball, etc. Most of the time, sports games end up being more of a glitzy eye-candy thing, or they're so darned accurate that they cease to be FUN.
Pocket Gal - by BMan2
Pocket Gal is a game that holds a very special place in my heart - and NO it's not because of the scantily clad women okay?? *grins* It's because that during my very early arcade playing days - this was the CHEAPEST game in our video arcade - and for only 20 cents - I could get a game - that was still fun (albeit the girlies [...more]
Combat School - by Maddog
Atteeeee-ntion soldier!Not a place for the faint-hearted,this school is here to sort the men from the little boys.If you have what it takes,then here's your chance to prove it...Gather your wits and follow your roaring instructor to the place of sweat and sorrow:Combat School!
What you have to do,as a rookie soldier [...more]
Wrestlefest - by Shadow Lord
Here it is, the best wrestling arcade game I've ever played, and I've played them all. Back when Steve Austin was an obscure wrestler in the NWA (which is now called WCW, I'm told), we had the likes of Hulk Hogan, Ted DiBiase, and Demolition dishing out the punishment in the ring.
OK, so it has the authentic WWF [...more]
Mat Mania - by Shadow Lord
Professional wrestling always seems to make fast-paced and exciting arcade games. Maybe it's just me, as I was a wrestling fan when I was young and before the pseudo-sport became so sleazy and cheesy.
Enough of my personal views, on with the review! Mat Mania was an early wrestling game that was not very complicated: [...more]
League Bowling - by BMan2
Arcade gaming is supposed to deliver the feel and essence of what is portraying into the sweaty hands of the average gamer. And while the stale cigarette smoke and dingy lighting of the arcade might not QUIE match that of the local bowling alley - League Bowling for Neogeo delivers the rest of the game in quite a bright [...more]
Passing Shot - by BMan2
Tennis games have been much maligned throughout the history of arcade gaming. How to get the perspective right - how to control the player - it never seemed to quite fall into place. However, Passing Shot gave the world something the gaming community hadn't seen in a tennis games - doubles. In a unique sit down dual sided [...more]
Arm Wrestling - by BMan2
Work this one out - where in the world wold you get sore fingers from Arm Wrestling. Only at the arcade :P - well actually - only on your home PC - because I'm sure Nintendo's Arm Wrestling would've had a MUCH better control system than my KTX 103 key. Arm Wrestling is a novel, and cartoony attempt at bringing this much [...more]
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