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Starmaster - by -^Cro§Bow^-
1982 was a good year to be the proud owner of an Atari 2600 VCS system. Atari made several releases that year made possible by such previous successes as Space Invaders, Defender and even the bane of all conversions…Pac man. However, Atari weren’t the only ones making games for the VCS at that time. Another company [...more]
Total Carnage - by EazyCheeze
1992 saw the release of a bloody, gory (but fun as all hell) semi-sequel to Williams/Midway's blockbuster hit, Smash TV. This was a different game, to be sure, but it had the same mechanics: upwards of fifty enemies on screen at one time, the tongue-in-cheek humor, the over-the-top gore, and a timely theme; the destruction [...more]
Vampire Saviour - by Dorsola
Following up on the Vampire series is the THIRD (and reportedly final) sequel: Vampire Savior. This game brings back the cast of Vampire/Darkstalkers and adds a bunch of new characters, including Lei-Lei/Hsien-Ko, Lilith (Morrigan's sister), and Jadeh, the Demon of the Dark. (I probably don't have that title right, [...more]
Vampire - by Dorsola
Capcom scored big in the arcade business when they released the original Street Fighter II. This game took the world by storm, and through a series of sequels and derivative editions, is now regarded as the most famous and most successful fighter series of all time. Capitalizing on this market, Capcom started to release [...more]
Time Killers - by EazyCheeze
In 1992, a company I had never heard of, Strata, released a game that at the time I thought was incredibly cool. The game was Time Killers, and it resembled Mortal Kombat in many ways, with one exception: dismemberment did not only come at the end of a match! Yes, you could chop off your opponents' arms and head at [...more]
Shinobi - by WinZippy
I must admit to never playing Shinobi much in the Arcades. I was first introduced to it when it was converted to my Amstrad CPC, and I have to say that I liked it a lot, although this was helped by the fact that it was one of the few Amstrad games to have half decent scrolling! I later came across the arcade cabinet [...more]
Bomb Jack - by D@Z
This was one of my best games I had for my good old Spectrum 128k+ and when I found it in the arcade`s I could see I would be kissing my pocket money goodbye for a while.Oh well,looking back it was well worth it.
I think it was this game I was playing on one day and I had to get the spotty teenager trainee who new as [...more]
Chicken Shift - by D@Z
Have you ever played a game where you just cannot get very far despite the hours of practice you put in.
Ok so I have not played this game very much but I am not very good when I do play it,but that does not mean I don`t like it.
This game is made up of 4 levels,the first 2 levels of this game you find yourself in [...more]
Pole Position - by D@Z
This game brings backs so many memories to me,when I first walked in the arcades at the age of about 8 I remember seeing this game.Every time I came off it I had empty pockets and a sore bum from the seat,but well worth it.
Pole position is one of the best arcade driving games I have played.It is so addictive,I just [...more]
Star Castle - by D@Z
I don`t know how many people know this but this little game made a small appearence in a film,any idea`s ? Well it was the film Maximum Overdrive,a film about a strange force controlling all the vehicles in and around a gas station,watch it and see if you can spot it.
Anyway enough of its short film debut,on with the [...more]
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