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Commando - by D@Z
I first played this game on my Spectrum 128k+ back in the 80`s and it was not till the late 80`s before I played it in the arcades.The graphics and sound were obviously better on the arcade version but the basic gameplay was the same,you start by being dropped off behind enemy lines by your helicoper crew and then your [...more]
Space Invaders - by D@Z
Space invaders was the start of great things to come in the arcade`s,without the great work of Toshihiro Nishikado (Designer and programmer) this may never have happened.The format of this game is so simple,yet so effective. With 55 aliens trying to land on the earth your mission is to destroy them all in time before they [...more]
Defender - by D@Z
With pac-man and space invaders around in the early 80`s Williams had to come up with something to match the opposition and they did. Designed and programmed by Eugene Jarvis, Larry DeMar,Sam Dicker,and Paul Dussault defender was born!
You know when you play some games and wonder where the time has gone,well here is [...more]
StarFox - by Dorsola
Okay, I figured it was time to do something a little different here. What say we look at a SNES game or two? Well, most of you SNES enthusiasts have heard of or played this game, StarFox, and I'd imagine many of you loved it as I did. (If you didn't, I just have to ask: WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE!??? ;-)
Well, [...more]
1941 Counter Attack - by Personan
1941 Counter Attack is the last and best incarnation of Capcomís brilliant World War 2 shoot emíup series which includes 1942 and 1943. Perhaps this series of games was never going to win any prizes for political correctness but as far as shoot em-ups go these games attracted a lot of attention in the arcades, probably [...more]
Gorf - by Personan
Gorf was a Midway came which came out in 1981, following hot on the heels of mighty early shooters like Space Invaders and Galaxians. Instead of attempting a new game, Midway took the innovative step of combining existing genres to produce what must be one of the first video games composed of distinct sub games. [...more]
Astro Blaster - by Personan
Well for my second review (after Gorf) Iíve chosen another speaking shoot em-up from way back in 1981, Segaís Astro Blaster. This was another game I must have put a lot of money into as I remember it as a favourite when it arrived in my local arcade (check the flyer!). Indeed this game caused quite a stir since [...more]
Life Force - by Dorsola
In 1986, just as we were beginning to crawl out of the big Video Game Slump of the mid-80s, some new video-game technology was beginning to emerge. Things like Stereo Sound and 256-color displays and unlimited firepower were suddenly the "in" things to have when creating games that would be attractive to the audiences. [...more]
Red Baron - by BMan2
The 1980's were a revelation for video games. New ideas were being developed - and boundaries were being crossed and broken by the major video game companies such as Atari. Which is why Red Baron must have seemed like a good idea at the time...
Red Baron is a vector based game - that within the confines of its hardware, [...more]
The End - by Dorsola
Hey, look at that! Another Galaxian clone! Shoot the aliens before they shoot you. Pretty simple, right? Been there, done that.
Not so fast. Look at this one a little closer. It seems that in this game, your enemies have a slightly different goal in mind. This time around, you're fighting off a bunch of bugs [...more]
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