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PotoPoto - by Haze
While Sega prehaps aren't considered one of the major players in the 'Puzzle' game market with the majority of their games series such as Columns being greatly overshadowed in the Mainstream by efforts like the Puzzle Bobble / Bust-A-Move series from Taito which seem to have found their way onto many of todays systems [...more]
Uopoko - by Haze
Uopoko, released only 2 years back in 1998 is certainly quite an original puzzle game by current standards. While the basic elements it combines are already well used, its the way in which they are mixed together which is rather interesting. Taking the most Basic of the 'Puzzle Bobble' rules, that being Match 3 balls [...more]
Stack Columns - by Dorsola
As if Columns II wasn't enough, Sega released yet another game in 1994 called Stack Columns. (Currently the only version available in MAME is the Japanese release.) This game, while better than the sequel to the original Columns, still doesn't offer much new in the way of gameplay - the new game is entirely competitive [...more]
Columns II - by Dorsola
When I was introduced to Columns for the very first time, I played a version in the arcade that had some really nice music to it. I can't remember nowadays if that game was more competitive than the original Columns or not, but I was disappointed to find that Columns itself wasn't the one I was thinking of in all the [...more]
Columns I - by Dorsola
Been a while since I've done a review. :) And what better way to get back in shape than with a good puzzle game? In fact, let me tell you a bit about the very first computer puzzle game I ever played - yes, believe it or not, I played this game BEFORE I discovered Tetris! Amazing, huh?
The game is Columns. The [...more]
Pinbo - by Dorsola
Oy vey... Okay, in the world of video pinball simulators, there are good pinball simulators... and then there's this. Pinbo, a small game released by Jaleco in 1985, is a game that attempts to play a basic pinball game with a few add-ons - something that's rather popular in arcade and console renditions of pinball machines. [...more]
1941 Counter Attack - by Personan
1941 Counter Attack is the last and best incarnation of Capcomís brilliant World War 2 shoot emíup series which includes 1942 and 1943. Perhaps this series of games was never going to win any prizes for political correctness but as far as shoot em-ups go these games attracted a lot of attention in the arcades, probably [...more]
Cadillacs and Dinosaurs - by Personan
Although Cadillacs and Dinosaurs came out after my arcadegaming bedtime, I had the privilege of getting into this fine little videogame on a camping holiday last year at the Guincho in Portugal. The game is based upon the "Award winning comic series" of the same name, of which I know nothing about but hey, who cares? [...more]
Gorf - by Personan
Gorf was a Midway came which came out in 1981, following hot on the heels of mighty early shooters like Space Invaders and Galaxians. Instead of attempting a new game, Midway took the innovative step of combining existing genres to produce what must be one of the first video games composed of distinct sub games. [...more]
Astro Blaster - by Personan
Well for my second review (after Gorf) Iíve chosen another speaking shoot em-up from way back in 1981, Segaís Astro Blaster. This was another game I must have put a lot of money into as I remember it as a favourite when it arrived in my local arcade (check the flyer!). Indeed this game caused quite a stir since [...more]
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