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Cadillacs and Dinosaurs - by Personan
Although Cadillacs and Dinosaurs came out after my arcadegaming bedtime, I had the privilege of getting into this fine little videogame on a camping holiday last year at the Guincho in Portugal. The game is based upon the "Award winning comic series" of the same name, of which I know nothing about but hey, who cares? [...more]
Rival Schools - by Sungam
Ahh... been a while since I last reviewed a game. Those of you who've read my past reviews might be able to guess what made me come back: The Impact! I'm a longtime fan of Capcom and their work so naturally this whole Impact deal caught my attention in a jippy. Some of Capcom's latest (and maybe best) arcade games popping [...more]
King of Dragons - by Ice Knight
King of Dragons is an all around four star game. It has great graphics, long, fun gameplay and near perfect emulation under Callus. Only minor flaws prevent this from being a five star game and getting 10 in every category.
King of Dragons is a Side-scroller kill everything that moves Golden Axe style game. You start [...more]
Street Smart - by BMan2
Street Smart is one of SNK's last non Neogeo titles - however - it certainly set the scene for the onslaught of mind numbing fighters we saw on the ageless 2D system. It mixes a quasi three dimensional playfield - with a standard kick/punch fighting style game - and unfortunately just fails to pull it off.
I've never [...more]
Samurai Showdown 2 - by Nightbird
A long time ago I reviewed Samurai Shodown II. That review was done when the NeoGeo emulators still didn't have sound emulation. Now that the NeoGeo is almost perfectly emulated, I figured it would be a good time to re-reView this title.
First off, SNK has built a reputation off of incrementally improving their [...more]
Voltage Fighter Gowcaizer - by Max Diablo
Just a few notes before I start reviewing this game. First off, it took me about an hour and a half to get with a 26.4kb connection, so be prepared to wait. Second, I highly recommend you play this game with some kind of a gamepad or joystick. Either of those must also have 4 buttons. Finally, I reviewed this on a [...more]
Yie Ar Kung Fu - by Max Diablo
In the days before Street Fighter 2, most tournament fighting games were rather, well, bad. They were short, unimaginative, and could usually be won by using a nearly un-blockable fireball attack. Yie Ar Kung-Fu is a rare find indeed.
To start, this game is about the efforts of a kung-fu expert to win battle after [...more]
Crime Fighters - by Max Diablo
A big problem with some of the games of today is that they rely way too much on graphics instead of gameplay. Apparently, this problem goes back a lot farther then I first thought with Crime Fighters. Basically, you are a person who is supposed to go and rescue a bunch of women from a guy named Fat Toad. You'll understand [...more]
Street Fighter - by Sungam
To starts this, my first review for EmuViews (actually my first public review ever), I better let you know that I'm a HUGE fan of the Street Fighter series, so even if this game isn't all that good, I may give it some credit... And that's exactly what I'm gonna do, 'cause this game is really, really bad!
If you've [...more]
Legend of Success Joe - by BMan2
If there's one thing that Neogeo games are known for amongst the emu community - it's their relative enormity of rom size in comparison to the other 1100 roms supported by MAME. And size is good .... right?? In most cases - the affirmative TENDS to be right in some way or another - I mean - King Of Fighters 98 is the largest [...more]
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