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Lady Bug - by Personan
I must confess I was never very good at Pac Man - In fact I didnít really play Pac Man too much, even at the height of the craze where excellence at Pac Man could earn you fame, fortune and beautiful girls. Instead I was getting my maze-type kicks from a little game called Lady Bug. For me Lady Bug was the intellectualís [...more]
Chip's Challenge - by Dorsola
You don't see many maze games, period. Mazes are usually rather boring, dull and lifeless, and the objective is always the same. Go from the beginning to the end, right?
Well, say hello to Chip's Challenge, one of a few puzzle-type games that came out for the Atari Lynx. The Lynx (for those of you who aren't familiar [...more]
Space Panic - by Dorsola
This is one of the games I never saw in the arcade, but instead played on the ColecoVision a looooooong time ago. The graphics and sound on the Coleco were actually pretty good - it was one of the better games to come out for that system. So, given that the home version was so great, I expected to see even better graphics [...more]
Life Force - by Dorsola
In 1986, just as we were beginning to crawl out of the big Video Game Slump of the mid-80s, some new video-game technology was beginning to emerge. Things like Stereo Sound and 256-color displays and unlimited firepower were suddenly the "in" things to have when creating games that would be attractive to the audiences. [...more]
Caveman Ninja - by Dorsola
When Data East was getting into the arcade game industry, they started with more adult-oriented games such as Pocket Gal and Super Pool - the former of which was basically a Strip-Pool game. It took them until 1991 to come out with a concept that would appeal to all audiences (not to mention could be shown to them), [...more]
Hopping Mappy - by Dorsola
As I said before, Namco is one of the companies that seemed to go through a whole bunch of different phases during the Video Game Revolution. First, they created some great games that were innovative, challenging and fun to play - games based on simple rules, yet which could captivate their audience. And then, through [...more]
Red Baron - by BMan2
The 1980's were a revelation for video games. New ideas were being developed - and boundaries were being crossed and broken by the major video game companies such as Atari. Which is why Red Baron must have seemed like a good idea at the time...
Red Baron is a vector based game - that within the confines of its hardware, [...more]
Ataxx - by Dorsola
Thanks to recent advances in MAME technology (MAME 0.37 Beta 3), the world is now blessed with the ability to play ATAXX, which is in my opinion the most addictive and innovative strategy/puzzle game to come about since Othello. In Othello (Reversi to computer fans), you would place either white or black tiles on a board [...more]
Joust 2 - by Dorsola
Four years after Williams released one of its more famous classic games, they released a sequel: Joust 2 - Survival of the Fittest. This game, like its predecessor, puts you on a familiar flying steed and pits you against other knights on birds in an effort to knock them off their mounts by being the one on top in a [...more]
Joust - by Dorsola
Here's another of the games that's generally considered a classic: Joust. Put out by Williams in 1982, this game was pretty advanced. Here's the basic idea of the game: You are a knight. Your steed is an elegant bird capable of flying with you on its back. You're placed in an arena with floating platforms and a lava [...more]
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