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Life Force - by Dorsola
In 1986, just as we were beginning to crawl out of the big Video Game Slump of the mid-80s, some new video-game technology was beginning to emerge. Things like Stereo Sound and 256-color displays and unlimited firepower were suddenly the "in" things to have when creating games that would be attractive to the audiences. [...more]
Red Baron - by BMan2
The 1980's were a revelation for video games. New ideas were being developed - and boundaries were being crossed and broken by the major video game companies such as Atari. Which is why Red Baron must have seemed like a good idea at the time...
Red Baron is a vector based game - that within the confines of its hardware, [...more]
The End - by Dorsola
Hey, look at that! Another Galaxian clone! Shoot the aliens before they shoot you. Pretty simple, right? Been there, done that.
Not so fast. Look at this one a little closer. It seems that in this game, your enemies have a slightly different goal in mind. This time around, you're fighting off a bunch of bugs [...more]
Mad Planets - by Dorsola
You know you're having a bad day when the world is out to get you... no, wait, it's worse than that! The entire freakin' GALAXY is out to get you! Run away, run away!!!
Okay, seems you can't run away in this game - the planets are actually following you. Yes, in this game, Gottlieb puts you in a lone ship and [...more]
Chiller - by EazyCheeze
When I first put my virtual quarter in the virtual slot and started up the game, I was greeted with a naked body, several in fact, tied down with straps concealing the more... private areas, and I was expected to shoot them. Obviously being a nice guy I didn't want to, but hey, it was how we got the points so hey, why [...more]
Fantasy Zone - by TwinBee
Fantasy Zone is a whimsical shooter circa 1986. That makes it unique because, at the time, although there were others such as Galaxian and Galaga, none were quite as nonsensical or fanciful as Fantasy Zone. Fantasy Zone started a fanciful tradition in arcade games, seen in shooters such as Parodius and TwinBee, and adventure [...more]
Robotron 2084 - by Dorsola
Attention all Smash TV fans. I'd like to point out this little game in the corner of the arcade. It's an oldie, but you might be surprised to know that THIS is the game that gave Smash TV its start. Dating way back to 1982, Williams created this game to appeal to the crowds searching for high-action shooter games.
Gaplus - by Dorsola
In a different review, I mentioned how Namco seems to have gone through a bunch of phases with their game development. Gaplus is one of the games they tried to make look and sound really fancy, since they had the hardware available to do so at the time. Gaplus, which is basically a glitzy clone of Galaga (and the name [...more]
Galaga 88 - by Dorsola
Remember Galaga? Probably the most famous Space-Invaders offshoot ever made, aside from Galaxian? Well, seven years later, Namco did a proper sequel to this game, and called it Galaga '88. Unlike its predecessor, Gaplus, Galaga '88 keeps alive the simplicity of the original Galaga, with almost the same exact gameplay, [...more]
Flak Attack - by SkiBum
Here is what I considered to be a very good shoot-em-up game. The premise behind Flak Attack is that the bad guys came and bombed your "secret" base, which was obviously not very secret. After all, how did they manage to find and bomb your base? Obviously, being miffed, you jump into your advanced MX-5000 fighter jet [...more]
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