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Chip's Challenge - by Dorsola
You don't see many maze games, period. Mazes are usually rather boring, dull and lifeless, and the objective is always the same. Go from the beginning to the end, right?
Well, say hello to Chip's Challenge, one of a few puzzle-type games that came out for the Atari Lynx. The Lynx (for those of you who aren't familiar [...more]
Hopping Mappy - by Dorsola
As I said before, Namco is one of the companies that seemed to go through a whole bunch of different phases during the Video Game Revolution. First, they created some great games that were innovative, challenging and fun to play - games based on simple rules, yet which could captivate their audience. And then, through [...more]
Ataxx - by Dorsola
Thanks to recent advances in MAME technology (MAME 0.37 Beta 3), the world is now blessed with the ability to play ATAXX, which is in my opinion the most addictive and innovative strategy/puzzle game to come about since Othello. In Othello (Reversi to computer fans), you would place either white or black tiles on a board [...more]
Arkanoid - by Dorsola
I've always been a fan of games based on Breakout (Atari's hit classic featuring a paddle, a ball, and a bunch of bricks you had to knock out with the ball). So when I discovered Arkanoid, you can bet I was hogging the machine big-time! Considered by many to be one of the best Breakout clones ever made, Arkanoid introduced [...more]
Arkanoid 2 - by Dorsola
One year after Arkanoid, Taito brings you "The Revenge of DOH". An enhanced version of your original escape pod, the Vaus, is inserted into a strange mothership and sent into another series of Breakout-style puzzles, featuring more and newer powerups, deadlier enemies, and some new twists such as blocks that move and [...more]
Money Puzzle Exchanger - by Max Diablo
Many years ago, when computers and console systems were not very powerful, games needed to be rather simple graphic wise. Thus, the puzzle game was created. These types of games were addictive, fun, and required very little graphically. They include such great games as Tetris, Columns, and Dr. Mario. Unfortunately, [...more]
Mr. Do's Wild Ride - by Dorsola
When I first met Mr. Do's Wild Ride, the first thought that went through my head was "What the heck does this have to do with Mr. Do?" Since then, I've been playing it, trying to find some fault to which I could point and say "Ha! That's why this game sucks!" But: I have to admit, I can't find one. This game is colorful, [...more]
Atari Tetris - by Dorsola
Okay. I'm not even gonna ATTEMPT a Russian accent. It would be a major insult to THE most famous puzzle game of all time: Tetris. No, I think I'll just give it as good a review as I can. :) In this adaptation of the classic Russian game, in which you have to arrange a set of random falling blocks to form lines, Atari [...more]
Sente Diagnostics - by Bifordus Maximus
Umm, Uhhhhhhhh... Ok I got it. I just had to say something about this. What was the point in emulating this piece of crap-I mean hardware?! The fact that somebody dumped this and wanted to this is mind numbing. I just don't see the point in emulating this and distributing it. I could understand the authors MAME using [...more]
Marble Madness - by Dorsola
I love Atari games. :) I think there were only a couple of games that Atari made that I didn't like. Marble Madness is no exception to this rule: Great music, interesting graphics, and excellent gameplay. You'll probably be seeing me say this kind of thing a lot about their earlier works.
In this puzzle game, you [...more]
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