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Super Pacman - by Dorsola
Super Pacman was the game that was originally slated to be Pacman's direct sequel, although Ms. Pacman unofficially took that spot. (In fact, Ms. Pacman was released while Super Pacman was still in development.) In this game, you run around in a different style of maze, collecting fruits and other types of foods, avoiding [...more]
Pac'n'Pal - by Dorsola
Here's yet ANOTHER Pacman game! ... and what inspired Namco to do this one, I'm not entirely sure. Unfortunately, I'm gonna come down fairly hard on this review, because personally I think Pac & Pal is the most boring of all the Pacman sequels. Our original pie-sliced hero runs around in another maze, this time collecting [...more]
Jr. Pac-Man - by Dorsola
Another Pacman-like game. Well, actually, it IS Pacman, again, but this time it's a true sequel. This game continues on in the tradition of the original Pacman and Ms. Pacman, with a new twist: the little tyke known as Jr. Pacman (must be Mr. 'n' Mrs. Pacman's offspring!) travels around in a huge playground - a maze [...more]
Ladybug - by Dorsola
Pacman? Sure, everyone's heard of that game! Some of you may then also remember this game, one of the many games that was inspired by the all-time classic... and yet never fared quite so well. Lady Bug, another particle-chomping game, pits you (oddly enough, the Lady Bug) against a variety of seriously ugly insects [...more]
Mappy - by Dorsola
Are you a man or a mouse? And what does being a cop have to do with this question? Find out in this game by Namco, entitled Mappy! You are now the brave little rodent whose job is to collect stolen treasures from a house full of trampolines, platforms, doors and "naughty folks", who will stop at nothing to stop you. [...more]
Food Fight - by Dorsola
Yum! Pie in the face! Not to mention tomatoes, lettuce, bananas, watermelons... the whole nine yards, all for a single ice-cream cone. Mix that in with four mad chefs, and you've got yourself Food Fight, a game of delectable mayhem. Food Fight, designed and produced by Atari in 1982, lets you play out what for many [...more]
Crazy Climber - by Dorsola
Here's another game that just about everyone in emulation has heard of or played at one point or another. Crazy Climber... as its name suggests, you play a guy who's just a little nutzo and decides to climb up the face of a tall building. Why? Who knows? Crazy Climber is all about skill, timing, and perhaps a bit [...more]
Super Breakout - by Dorsola
Sherman, set the WABAC machine to 1978. Here, we'll watch as Atari Corp. unveils its next piece of video-game pioneering. Yes, Sherman, we're talking about Super Breakout - the game that followed in the footsteps of Pong. This game, featuring a monochrome screen with a color overlay, was the basis for a whole series [...more]
Pinball Action - by Dorsola
Here's another game that caters to one of my all-time favorite activities: Pinball. Probably the most accurate pinball simulator ever to hit the arcades, Pinball Action has some pretty neat stuff to offer. In the tradition of classic pinball, the idea is to score as many points as possible by hitting as many targets [...more]
Donkey Kong - by Dorsola
Say hello to one of the most classic of classic games: Donkey Kong. This is the game that made Nintendo famous - the very first game to feature everyone's beloved hero, Mario. Way back in 1981, when hardware was expensive and video games were still pretty new, Nintendo came up with this platformer, which pits Mario [...more]
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