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Pinball Action - by Dorsola
Here's another game that caters to one of my all-time favorite activities: Pinball. Probably the most accurate pinball simulator ever to hit the arcades, Pinball Action has some pretty neat stuff to offer. In the tradition of classic pinball, the idea is to score as many points as possible by hitting as many targets [...more]
Arkanoid - by Dorsola
I've always been a fan of games based on Breakout (Atari's hit classic featuring a paddle, a ball, and a bunch of bricks you had to knock out with the ball). So when I discovered Arkanoid, you can bet I was hogging the machine big-time! Considered by many to be one of the best Breakout clones ever made, Arkanoid introduced [...more]
Arkanoid 2 - by Dorsola
One year after Arkanoid, Taito brings you "The Revenge of DOH". An enhanced version of your original escape pod, the Vaus, is inserted into a strange mothership and sent into another series of Breakout-style puzzles, featuring more and newer powerups, deadlier enemies, and some new twists such as blocks that move and [...more]
Donkey Kong - by Dorsola
Say hello to one of the most classic of classic games: Donkey Kong. This is the game that made Nintendo famous - the very first game to feature everyone's beloved hero, Mario. Way back in 1981, when hardware was expensive and video games were still pretty new, Nintendo came up with this platformer, which pits Mario [...more]
Donkey Kong 3 - by Dorsola
Donkey Kong is back in this sequel to the original Donkey Kong. In this game, the big monkey has decided to invade a series of greenhouses, and it's your job to make sure he doesn't take over. Armed only with an unlimited supply of bug spray, you must keep DK from taking over your garden by shooting him in the butt [...more]
Money Puzzle Exchanger - by Max Diablo
Many years ago, when computers and console systems were not very powerful, games needed to be rather simple graphic wise. Thus, the puzzle game was created. These types of games were addictive, fun, and required very little graphically. They include such great games as Tetris, Columns, and Dr. Mario. Unfortunately, [...more]
Chiller - by EazyCheeze
When I first put my virtual quarter in the virtual slot and started up the game, I was greeted with a naked body, several in fact, tied down with straps concealing the more... private areas, and I was expected to shoot them. Obviously being a nice guy I didn't want to, but hey, it was how we got the points so hey, why [...more]
Pig Newton - by TwinBee
Pig Newton is a tough platformer in which you play as a pig, stranded in a tree trying to avoid hungry wolves. The wolves are hacking away at your tree with axes, but you, being the intelligent pig that you are, can delay them from carrying you off to dinner by dropping apples on their heads. I say delay in stead of prevent [...more]
Fantasy Zone - by TwinBee
Fantasy Zone is a whimsical shooter circa 1986. That makes it unique because, at the time, although there were others such as Galaxian and Galaga, none were quite as nonsensical or fanciful as Fantasy Zone. Fantasy Zone started a fanciful tradition in arcade games, seen in shooters such as Parodius and TwinBee, and adventure [...more]
Rival Schools - by Sungam
Ahh... been a while since I last reviewed a game. Those of you who've read my past reviews might be able to guess what made me come back: The Impact! I'm a longtime fan of Capcom and their work so naturally this whole Impact deal caught my attention in a jippy. Some of Capcom's latest (and maybe best) arcade games popping [...more]
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