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QUESTION Which ROMs first?
I think it's time I started to slowly bring the ROMs back into action. Which ones would you like to see back first? I plan on re-building the entire ROM archive from scratch with good ROMsets so it'll take me longer than usual to get them up there. Let me know what you prefer.

QUESTION The Future of Raine...
If you had the power in your hands, and you were to decide what would be the future of the Raine emulator. What would you like it to be? Please note that this is not the same as what do you think will happen. The real question is one of desire and sort of like a petition. What would you like to see happening?

QUESTION Existence of Other Emulators
With Recent discussions regarding Raine being merged to MAME, and the apparent understanding that System 16 and Callus were merged with MAME (which they were not), do you think existing emulators (Raine, Retrocade, HiVE for instance) should exist? Should the authors just contribute to MAME? What do you think?

QUESTION Geographical Location Poll
A good suggestion by one of the EmuViews visitors was to do a quick poll and find out where most of the visitors to this site are located within the planet. My guess is that most come from the United States given the language, but Emulation has made me many friends from UK, Australia, Spain among many other places. So place your vote, where are you from?

QUESTION Favorite Game Types
With so many types of games populating the emulation field, I think finding out which games are mostly played and loved by the fans would be an interesting proposition. Some people dislike fighters while others simply have to have them. And others like myself cannot live without shoot'em'up games. Which type of game is your favorite?

This time the question is very simple. With all the talk about other versions of MAME surfacing around the net, not being entirely compliant with Nicola's wishes for official MAMEs like MAME32, xMAME and MacMAME, controversies have been raised about whether those other versions should exist. What do you think?

QUESTION Early Releases
With all these talk about dumps being 'leaked' and new games making it out to the public, I guess it would be good to know how the majority of people feel about new releases. How soon after a game goes out into the arcades, should it be dumped and released? Do you think that should be no concern, or should there be some kind of moral limit to allow for profits to be made? How long should we wait?

QUESTION Unemulated Systems
There has been much talk about unemulated systems becoming emulated these times, like the new Jagulator and a still mysterious new emulator from Ricardo Bittencourt. With all this flying around, I guess it would be nice to know, what game console ranks higher in your tastes of what you would like to see emulated sooner. Just pick one.

QUESTION Windows, DOS, Mac, Unix?
Although we usually don't have an option when it comes to what our favorite emulator programmers code in, we can still make a vote and choose which environment we like more for our Emulation Gaming. Sometimes we wish our favorite emulator had a port to our favorite OS, or perform as good as the other. So, with that in mind, out of the following Environments, which one do you like the most?

QUESTION More or Less Releases
Whenever an emu is release, some users always seem to complain. Authors feel bad and sometimes mad because no matter how hard they try, users will always come up with something they don't like. MAME and Raine releases are now "too close together" and "too far appart" respectively. Just let us know, what do you really want?

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