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Jack Nickolas Greatest 18 Hole... Now! NES
Jack the Nipper Now! C64
Jack the Nipper 2 Now! C64
Jack the Ripper Now! C64
Jackal Now! NES
Jackie Chan's Action Kung Fu Now! NES
Jail Break Now! C64
James Bond Now! C64
James Bond Jr Now! NES
Jaw Breaker Now! C64
Jaws Now! C64
Jaws Now! NES
Jeopardy Now! C64
Jeopardy 25th Anniversary Edit... Now! NES
Jeopardy Junior Edition Now! NES
Jet Set Willy Now! C64
Jetpack Now! C64
Jetsons Cogswell's Caper Now! NES
Jewelry Now! NES
Jimmy Conner's Tennis Now! NES
Jinks Now! C64
Jinxter Now! C64
Joe & Mac Now! NES
Joe Blade Now! C64
John Elway's Quarterback Now! NES
Joshua Now! NES
Journey To Silius Now! NES
Joust Y Now! Retrocade
Joust Now! HiVE
Joust (Atari) Now! NES
Joust (Hal) Now! NES
Jr. Pac Man Now! HiVE
Judge Dredd Now! C64
Jumpman Now! C64
Jungle Book Now! NES
Jungle Hunt Now! C64
Jungle Story Now! C64
Jungle Trouble Now! C64
Jurassic Park Now! NES
K-Ring Now! C64
Kabuki Quantum Fighter Now! NES
Kaiser Now! C64
Kaiv Now! C64
Kampfgruppe Now! C64
Karate Champ Now! C64
Karate Champ Now! NES
Karate Kid Now! NES
Karate Kid 2 Now! C64
Karateka Now! C64
Karnov Now! C64
Karnov Now! NES
Kart Fighter Now! NES
Katakis Now! C64
Kennedy Approach from Micropro... Now! C64
Kick Master Now! NES
Kickle Cubicle Now! NES
Kid Icarus Angel Land Story Now! NES
Kid Klown In Night Mayor World Now! NES
Kid Kool Now! NES
Kid Niki Now! C64
Kid Niki Radical Ninja Now! NES
Killed Until Dead Now! C64
King Of Kings Now! NES
King's ransom Now! C64
Kings Knight Now! NES
Kings Of The Beach Professiona... Now! NES
Kings Quest V Absense Makes Th... Now! NES
Kings of the Beach Now! C64
Kirby's Adventure Now! NES
Kiwi Kraze Now! NES
Klash Ball Now! NES
Klax Y Now! Retrocade
Klax Now! NES
Knuckle Buster Now! C64
Krazy Kong Now! C64
Krazy Kreatures Now! NES
Krion Conquest Now! NES
Kronis Rift Now! C64
Kung Fu Now! NES
Kung Fu Heroes Now! NES
Kungfu Master Now! C64
Kungfu Master Now! C64
L'Empereur Now! NES
Labyrinth Now! C64
Labyrinth Now! C64
Las Vegas Video Poker Now! C64
Las Vegas Video Poker Now! C64
Laser Invasion Now! NES
Laser Squad Now! C64
Last Action Hero Now! NES
Last Mission Now! C64
Last Ninja Now! NES
Last Ninja 2 Now! C64
Laurel and Hardy Now! C64
Law of the West Now! C64
Leaderboard Now! C64
Ledstorm Now! C64
Lee Trevino's Fighting Golf Now! NES
Legacy Of The Wizard Now! NES
Legend Of Kage Now! NES
Legend Of Prince Valiant Now! NES
Legend Of The Ghost Lion Now! NES
Legend Of Zelda Now! NES
Legend of Kage Now! C64
Legendary Wings Now! NES
Lemmings Now! NES
Leppard Now! C64
Lethal Bombs Now! C64
Life Force Now! NES
LifeForce (Pirate) Now! NES
Light Force Now! C64
Linus Spacehead's Cosmic Crusa... Now! NES
Little League Baseball Champio... Now! NES
Little Mermaid Now! NES
Little Nemo The Dream Master Now! NES
Little Ninja Brothers Now! NES
Little Samson Now! NES
Lode Runner Now! C64
Lode Runner Now! NES
Lode Runner's Rescue Now! C64
Logical Now! C64
Lone Ranger Now! NES
Loopz Now! NES
Lords of Chaos Now! C64
Lot Lot Now! NES
Low G Man The Low Gravity Man Now! NES
Lunar Lander Now! Retrocade
Lunar Leeper Now! C64
Lunar Pool Now! NES
Lunar Rescue Now! HiVE
Lunar Rescue Now! Retrocade
M.U.L.E. Now! NES
MTV's Remote Control Now! NES
Mad Doctor Now! C64
Mad Max Now! NES
Mafia Now! C64
Mag Max Now! C64
Magic Candle Now! C64
Magic Desk Now! C64
Magic Fields Now! C64
Magic Johnson's Fast Break Now! NES
Magic Madness Now! C64
Magic Of Sheherazade Now! NES
Magician Now! NES
Magnetron Now! C64
Magnum Force Now! C64
Mail order Monsters Now! C64
Major Havoc (Return to Vax) Now! Retrocade
Major League Baseball Now! NES
Mama Llama Now! C64
Mancopter (DataSoft) Now! C64
Maniac Mansion Now! C64
Maniac Mansion Now! NES
Mappy Now! HiVE
Mappy Now! NES
Mappy (Pirate) Now! NES
Mappy Land Now! NES
Marble Madness Now! NES
Mario Bros Now! NES
Mario Bros. Now! HiVE
Mario Bros. Now! Atari 7800
Mario Brothers Now! C64
Mario Is Missing Now! NES
Mario Lottery Now! NES
Mario's Time Machine Now! NES
Marvel's X-Men Now! NES
Masquerade Now! C64
Master Chu And The Drunkard Hu Now! NES
Master Trivia Now! C64
Masters of the Universe Now! C64
Match Maker Now! C64
Max Headdroom Now! C64
Maze Master Now! C64
Mc Kids Now! NES
Meanstreak Now! C64
Mechanized Attack Now! NES
Mega Deviants Now! C64
Megaman Now! NES
Megaman 2 Now! NES
Megaman 3 Now! NES
Megaman 4 Now! NES
Megaman 5 Now! NES
Megaman 6 Now! NES
Menace Now! C64
Mendal Palace Now! NES
Mercenary 2 Now! C64
Mermaids Of Atlantis The Riddl... Now! NES
Metal Fighter Now! NES
Metal Gear Now! NES
Metal Mech Now! NES
Metal Storm Now! NES
Metro Cross Now! NES
Metroid Now! NES
Miami Vice Now! C64
Michael Andretti's World GP Now! NES
Mickey Mousecapade Now! NES
Mickey's Space Adventure Now! C64
Micro Machines Now! NES
Micro disco Now! C64
Midnight Resistance Now! C64
Might And Magic Now! NES
Might Mission Now! C64
Mighty Bomb Jack Now! NES
Mighty Final Fight Now! NES
Mike Tyson's Punch Out Now! NES
Mikie Now! C64
Milk Race Now! C64
Millipede Now! NES
Milon's Secret Castle Now! NES
Mind Control Now! C64
Mind Shadow Now! C64
Minefields Now! C64
Miner 2049er Now! C64
Miracle Piano Teaching System Now! NES
Miracle Ropit sAdventure In 21... Now! NES
Missile Command Now! HiVE
Mission A.D. Now! C64
Mission Cobra Now! NES
Mission Impossible Now! NES
Monopoly Now! C64
Monopoly Now! NES
Monopoly Now! SMS
Monster In My Pocket Now! NES
Monster Party Now! NES
Montezuma's Revenge Now! C64
Monty Mole Now! C64
Monty Plays Scrabble Now! C64
Monty on the Run Now! C64
Moon Cresta Now! Retrocade
Moon Cresta Now! HiVE
Moon Cresta Now! C64
Moon Ranger Now! NES
Moon Shuttle Now! C64
Mordon's Quest Now! C64
Mortal Kombat 3 Now! NES
Motor City Patrol Now! NES
Motos Now! HiVE
Ms. Pac Attack Now! Retrocade
Ms. Pac Man Now! HiVE
Ms. Pac Man Now! Retrocade
Ms. Pac-Man Now! EmuDX
Muppet Adventure Choas At The ... Now! NES
Mutant Virus Now! NES
Namcap Now! C64
Necromancer Now! C64
Nes Open Tournament Golf Now! NES
Nether Earth Now! C64
Neuromancer Now! C64
Never Ending Story Now! C64
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