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SC Game Name ReView See it! Emulators Version Size
J League Greatest Eleven Now! 254 KB
JJ and Jeff Now! 137 KB
Jack Niclaus Turbo Golf Now! 146 KB
Jackie Chan's Action Kung Fu Now! 285 KB
Jaseikin Necromancer Now! 188 KB
Jimmu Densho Yaksa Now! 264 KB
Kaizou Ningen Shubibinman Now! 160 KB
Kaizou Ningen Shubibinman 2 Now! 293 KB
Kato and Ken Now! 139 KB
Keith Courage in the Alpha Zon... Now! 120 KB
Kiki Kaikai Now! 177 KB
King of Casino Now! 125 KB
Kiyuu Kiyoku Mahjong Idol Grap... Now! 307 KB
Kiyuu Kiyoku Mahjong Idol Grap... Now! 333 KB
Klax Now! 111 KB
Knight Rider Now! 115 KB
Knight Rider Special Now! 118 KB
Kung Fu, The (Trained) Now! 132 KB
Kyuukyoku Tiger Now! 173 KB
Lady Sword Now! 599 KB
Legend Of Hero Tonma Now! 223 KB
Legendary Axe Now! 153 KB
Legendary Axe II Now! 163 KB
Life Force Now! 183 KB
Liquid Kids Now! 224 KB
Lode Runner Now! 81 KB
Madokisoku Granzort Now! 355 KB
Maerchen Maze Now! 141 KB
Magical Chase Now! 290 KB
Mahjong Gakuen Mild Now! 286 KB
Mahjong Gakuen Touma Shiro Toj... Now! 283 KB
Mahjong Goku Special Now! 267 KB
Mahjong Haoden Kaiser's Quest Now! 251 KB
Mahjong Shikaka Retsuden Mahjo... Now! 144 KB
Majin Eiyu Wataru Now! 124 KB
Makai Prince Dorabo-Chan Now! 175 KB
Makyo Densetsu Now! 167 KB
Maniac Pro Wrestling Now! 278 KB
Mesopotamia Now! 262 KB
Metal Stoker Now! 310 KB
Military Madness Now! 277 KB
Momotarou Densetsu Gaiden Now! 362 KB
Momotarou Densetsu II Now! 447 KB
Momotarou Densetsu Turbo Now! 288 KB
Momotarou Katsu Geki Now! 305 KB
Monster Pro Wrestling Now! 249 KB
Morita Shogi PC Now! 141 KB
Motoroader Now! 127 KB
Motoroader 2 Now! 216 KB
Mr. Heli Now! 271 KB
NHK Taiga Drama Taiheiki Now! 209 KB
Naxat Open Golf Now! 188 KB
Naxat Stadium Now! 171 KB
Nazo no Mascarade Now! 172 KB
Necros no Yousai Now! 298 KB
Nectaris Now! 287 KB
Neutopia Now! 234 KB
Neutopia II Now! 430 KB
New Adventure Island Now! 322 KB
New Zealand Story Now! 179 KB
Night Creatures Now! 233 KB
Niko Niko Pun Now! 199 KB
Ninja Gaiden Now! 331 KB
Ninja Spirit Now! 252 KB
Ninja Warriors Now! 193 KB
Obocchama Kun Now! 226 KB
Operation Wolf Y Now! 346 KB
Order of the Griffon Now! 323 KB
Ordyne Now! 211 KB
Out Run Y Now! 329 KB
Outlive Now! 181 KB
Override Now! 144 KB
P-47 - The Freedom Fighter Now! 95 KB
PC Genjin Now! 229 KB
PC Genjin 2 Now! 352 KB
PC Genjin 3 Now! 550 KB
PC Pachi-Slot Now! 327 KB
Pac-Land Now! 83 KB
Pachiokun Juban Shobu Now! 349 KB
Paranoia Now! 141 KB
Paranois Now! 137 KB
Parasol Stars Now! 235 KB
Parodius Now! 713 KB
Photograph Boy Now! 276 KB
Populous Now! 220 KB
Power 11 Soccer Now! 250 KB
Power Drift Now! 243 KB
Power Gate Now! 124 KB
Power Golf Now! 168 KB
Power League Now! 124 KB
Power League '93 Now! 470 KB
Power League 5 Now! 596 KB
Power League II Now! 173 KB
Power League III Now! 251 KB
Power League IV Now! 335 KB
Power Sports Now! 310 KB
Power Tennis Now! 256 KB
Pro Tennis World Court Now! 104 KB
Pro Yakyuu World Stadium '91 Now! 101 KB
Psychosis Now! 138 KB
Psyco Chaser Now! 119 KB
Puzzle Boy Now! 66 KB
Puzznic Now! 112 KB
Quiz Toukou Shashin Now! 468 KB
R-type Now! 147 KB
R-type 2 Now! 159 KB
Rabio Lepus Special Now! 157 KB
Racing Spirit Now! 239 KB
Raiden Now! 699 KB
Rastan Saga 2 Now! 204 KB
Rock-On Now! 144 KB
SCI - Special Criminal Investi... Now! 329 KB
Sadakichi Saban Hideyoshi no O... Now! 216 KB
Saint Dragon Now! 225 KB
Salamander Now! 183 KB
Samurai Ghost Now! 385 KB
Sekikehara Now! 205 KB
Shangai Now! 59 KB
Shinobi Now! 164 KB
Shiryou Sensen Now! 138 KB
Shockman Now! 284 KB
Shogi Shodan Icchokusen Now! 166 KB
Shogi Shoshinsha Muyo Now! 145 KB
Side Arms Now! 163 KB
Silent Debuggers Now! 256 KB
Sindibad Chitei no Dai Makyu Now! 159 KB
Sinistron Now! 169 KB
Skweek Now! 101 KB
Sohko Ban World Now! 73 KB
Soldier Blade Now! 387 KB
Somer Assault Now! 267 KB
Son Son II Now! 144 KB
Sonic Spike Now! 109 KB
Space Harrier Now! 209 KB
Space Invader Now! 92 KB
Spin Pair Now! 94 KB
Spiral Wave Now! 235 KB
Splatter House Now! 264 KB
Star Soldier Now! 267 KB
Stratego Now! 132 KB
Street Fighter II' Champion Ed... Now! 1652 KB
Strip Fighter II Now! 782 KB
Super Dodge Ball Now! 213 KB
Super Metal Crusher Now! 133 KB
Super Momotarou Dentetsu II Now! 489 KB
Super Volleyball Now! 100 KB
Susano O Densetsu Now! 441 KB
TV Sports Basket Now! 272 KB
TV Sports Football Now! 225 KB
TV Sports Hockey Now! 222 KB
Takahashi Meijin no Shin Bouke... Now! 330 KB
Takeda Shingen Now! 115 KB
Talespin Now! 370 KB
Tatsujin Now! 271 KB
Tatsunoko Fighter Now! 128 KB
Tennokoe Memory Bank Now! 74 KB
Terra Cresta II Now! 291 KB
Thunder Blade Now! 298 KB
Tiger Road Now! 185 KB
Time Cruise Now! 254 KB
Time Cruise II Now! 260 KB
Timeball Now! 53 KB
Titan Now! 71 KB
Toilet Kids Now! 223 KB
Tora E no Michi Now! 189 KB
Toshi Tenso Keikaku Eternal Ci... Now! 212 KB
Tower Druaga Y Now! 250 KB
Toy Shop Boys Now! 191 KB
Tricky Kick Now! 216 KB
Tsuppari Ozuma Heiseiban Now! 142 KB
Turrican Now! 157 KB
Twin Bee Now! 319 KB
Twin Cobra Y Now! 170 KB
USA Pro Basketball Now! 149 KB
Valkyrie no Densetsu Now! 348 KB
Vampire Emperor Now! 155 KB
Veigues Tactical Gladiator Now! 271 KB
Victory Run Now! 105 KB
Vigilante Now! 204 KB
Violent Soldier Now! 177 KB
Volfied Now! 170 KB
W-Ring - The Double Rings Now! 200 KB
Wai Wai Mahjong Now! 124 KB
Wallaby!! Now! 160 KB
Winning Shot Now! 106 KB
Wonder Boy Now! 160 KB
Wonder Momo Now! 112 KB
World Beach Volleyball Now! 109 KB
World Circuit Now! 98 KB
World Class Baseball Now! 122 KB
World Class Tennis Now! 98 KB
World Jockey Now! 119 KB
World Sports Competition Now! 309 KB
Xevious Now! 118 KB
Yaska Now! 256 KB
Yo Bro Now! 247 KB
Youkai Douchuuki Now! 144 KB
Yuu Yuu Jinsei Now! 149 KB
Zero 4 Champ (Alt) Now! 351 KB
Zipang Now! 140 KB
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