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SC Game Name ReView See it! Emulators Version Size
Joust (Hal) Now! NES 19 KB
Jr. Pac Man Now! HiVE 28 KB
Judge Dredd Now! C64 47 KB
Jumpman Now! C64 36 KB
Jungle Book Now! NES 140 KB
Jungle Hunt Now! C64 13 KB
Jungle Story Now! C64 8 KB
Jungle Trouble Now! C64 10 KB
Jurassic Park Now! NES 149 KB
K-Ring Now! C64 25 KB
Kabuki Quantum Fighter Now! NES 123 KB
Kaiser Now! C64 84 KB
Kaiv Now! C64 30 KB
Kampfgruppe Now! C64 68 KB
Karate Champ Now! C64 23 KB
Karate Champ Now! NES 29 KB
Karate Kid Now! NES 40 KB
Karate Kid 2 Now! C64 52 KB
Karateka Now! C64 53 KB
Karnov Now! C64 151 KB
Karnov Now! NES 98 KB
Kart Fighter Now! NES 174 KB
Katakis Now! C64 230 KB
Kennedy Approach from Micropro... Now! C64 29 KB
Kick Master Now! NES 148 KB
Kickle Cubicle Now! NES 130 KB
Kid Icarus Angel Land Story Now! NES 64 KB
Kid Klown In Night Mayor World Now! NES 150 KB
Kid Kool Now! NES 66 KB
Kid Niki Now! C64 52 KB
Kid Niki Radical Ninja Now! NES 120 KB
Killed Until Dead Now! C64 114 KB
King Of Kings Now! NES 125 KB
King's ransom Now! C64 28 KB
Kings Knight Now! NES 41 KB
Kings Of The Beach Professiona... Now! NES 47 KB
Kings Quest V Absense Makes Th... Now! NES 328 KB
Kings of the Beach Now! C64 213 KB
Kirby's Adventure Now! NES 482 KB
Kiwi Kraze Now! NES 91 KB
Klash Ball Now! NES 70 KB
Klax Y Now! Retrocade 290 KB
Klax Now! NES 60 KB
Knuckle Buster Now! C64 39 KB
Krazy Kong Now! C64 14 KB
Krazy Kreatures Now! NES 19 KB
Krion Conquest Now! NES 113 KB
Kronis Rift Now! C64 83 KB
Kung Fu Now! NES 29 KB
Kung Fu Heroes Now! NES 30 KB
Kungfu Master Now! C64 77 KB
Kungfu Master Now! C64 30 KB
L'Empereur Now! NES 205 KB
Labyrinth Now! C64 175 KB
Labyrinth Now! C64 104 KB
Las Vegas Video Poker Now! C64 33 KB
Las Vegas Video Poker Now! C64 29 KB
Laser Invasion Now! NES 153 KB
Laser Squad Now! C64 82 KB
Last Action Hero Now! NES 99 KB
Last Mission Now! C64 37 KB
Last Ninja Now! NES 106 KB
Last Ninja 2 Now! C64 292 KB
Laurel and Hardy Now! C64 29 KB
Law of the West Now! C64 152 KB
Leaderboard Now! C64 35 KB
Ledstorm Now! C64 49 KB
Lee Trevino's Fighting Golf Now! NES 116 KB
Legacy Of The Wizard Now! NES 81 KB
Legend Of Kage Now! NES 26 KB
Legend Of Prince Valiant Now! NES 131 KB
Legend Of The Ghost Lion Now! NES 136 KB
Legend Of Zelda Now! NES 65 KB
Legend of Kage Now! C64 27 KB
Legendary Wings Now! NES 82 KB
Lemmings Now! NES 118 KB
Leppard Now! C64 112 KB
Lethal Bombs Now! C64 66 KB
Life Force Now! NES 90 KB
LifeForce (Pirate) Now! NES 90 KB
Light Force Now! C64 30 KB
Linus Spacehead's Cosmic Crusa... Now! NES 197 KB
Little League Baseball Champio... Now! NES 124 KB
Little Mermaid Now! NES 84 KB
Little Nemo The Dream Master Now! NES 151 KB
Little Ninja Brothers Now! NES 174 KB
Little Samson Now! NES 235 KB
Lode Runner Now! C64 34 KB
Lode Runner Now! NES 16 KB
Lode Runner's Rescue Now! C64 71 KB
Logical Now! C64 58 KB
Lone Ranger Now! NES 232 KB
Loopz Now! NES 31 KB
Lords of Chaos Now! C64 60 KB
Lot Lot Now! NES 19 KB
Low G Man The Low Gravity Man Now! NES 132 KB
Lunar Lander Now! Retrocade 18 KB
Lunar Leeper Now! C64 36 KB
Lunar Pool Now! NES 16 KB
Lunar Rescue Now! HiVE 9 KB
Lunar Rescue Now! Retrocade 10 KB
M.U.L.E. Now! NES 71 KB
MTV's Remote Control Now! NES 114 KB
Mad Doctor Now! C64 107 KB
Mad Max Now! NES 85 KB
Mafia Now! C64 87 KB
Mag Max Now! C64 30 KB
Magic Candle Now! C64 278 KB
Magic Desk Now! C64 110 KB
Magic Fields Now! C64 27 KB
Magic Johnson's Fast Break Now! NES 68 KB
Magic Madness Now! C64 57 KB
Magic Of Sheherazade Now! NES 150 KB
Magician Now! NES 154 KB
Magnetron Now! C64 52 KB
Magnum Force Now! C64 49 KB
Mail order Monsters Now! C64 77 KB
Major Havoc (Return to Vax) Now! Retrocade 78 KB
Major League Baseball Now! NES 40 KB
Mama Llama Now! C64 33 KB
Mancopter (DataSoft) Now! C64 46 KB
Maniac Mansion Now! C64 218 KB
Maniac Mansion Now! NES 157 KB
Mappy Now! HiVE 39 KB
Mappy Now! NES 15 KB
Mappy (Pirate) Now! NES 15 KB
Mappy Land Now! NES 56 KB
Marble Madness Now! NES 80 KB
Mario Bros Now! NES 16 KB
Mario Bros. Now! HiVE 35 KB
Mario Bros. Now! Atari 7800 22 KB
Mario Brothers Now! C64 12 KB
Mario Is Missing Now! NES 113 KB
Mario Lottery Now! NES 18 KB
Mario's Time Machine Now! NES 109 KB
Marvel's X-Men Now! NES 76 KB
Masquerade Now! C64 93 KB
Master Chu And The Drunkard Hu Now! NES 32 KB
Master Trivia Now! C64 61 KB
Masters of the Universe Now! C64 41 KB
Match Maker Now! C64 10 KB
Max Headdroom Now! C64 24 KB
Maze Master Now! C64 11 KB
Mc Kids Now! NES 160 KB
Meanstreak Now! C64 35 KB
Mechanized Attack Now! NES 114 KB
Mega Deviants Now! C64 31 KB
Megaman Now! NES 78 KB
Megaman 2 Now! NES 135 KB
Megaman 3 Now! NES 221 KB
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