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SC Game Name ReView See it! Emulators Version Size
Mancopter (DataSoft) Now! C64 46 KB
Maniac Mansion Now! C64 218 KB
Maniac Mansion Now! NES 157 KB
Mappy Now! HiVE 39 KB
Mappy Now! NES 15 KB
Mappy (Pirate) Now! NES 15 KB
Mappy Land Now! NES 56 KB
Marble Madness Now! NES 80 KB
Mario Bros Now! NES 16 KB
Mario Bros. Now! HiVE 35 KB
Mario Bros. Now! Atari 7800 22 KB
Mario Brothers Now! C64 12 KB
Mario Is Missing Now! NES 113 KB
Mario Lottery Now! NES 18 KB
Mario's Time Machine Now! NES 109 KB
Marvel's X-Men Now! NES 76 KB
Masquerade Now! C64 93 KB
Master Chu And The Drunkard Hu Now! NES 32 KB
Master Trivia Now! C64 61 KB
Masters of the Universe Now! C64 41 KB
Match Maker Now! C64 10 KB
Max Headdroom Now! C64 24 KB
Maze Master Now! C64 11 KB
Mc Kids Now! NES 160 KB
Meanstreak Now! C64 35 KB
Mechanized Attack Now! NES 114 KB
Mega Deviants Now! C64 31 KB
Megaman Now! NES 78 KB
Megaman 2 Now! NES 135 KB
Megaman 3 Now! NES 221 KB
Megaman 4 Now! NES 294 KB
Megaman 5 Now! NES 266 KB
Megaman 6 Now! NES 259 KB
Menace Now! C64 85 KB
Mendal Palace Now! NES 118 KB
Mercenary 2 Now! C64 34 KB
Mermaids Of Atlantis The Riddl... Now! NES 64 KB
Metal Fighter Now! NES 41 KB
Metal Gear Now! NES 79 KB
Metal Mech Now! NES 106 KB
Metal Storm Now! NES 180 KB
Metro Cross Now! NES 37 KB
Metroid Now! NES 59 KB
Miami Vice Now! C64 35 KB
Michael Andretti's World GP Now! NES 80 KB
Mickey Mousecapade Now! NES 40 KB
Mickey's Space Adventure Now! C64 324 KB
Micro Machines Now! NES 146 KB
Micro disco Now! C64 32 KB
Midnight Resistance Now! C64 79 KB
Might And Magic Now! NES 273 KB
Might Mission Now! C64 22 KB
Mighty Bomb Jack Now! NES 29 KB
Mighty Final Fight Now! NES 146 KB
Mike Tyson's Punch Out Now! NES 133 KB
Mikie Now! C64 44 KB
Milk Race Now! C64 27 KB
Millipede Now! NES 15 KB
Milon's Secret Castle Now! NES 41 KB
Mind Control Now! C64 14 KB
Mind Shadow Now! C64 37 KB
Minefields Now! C64 26 KB
Miner 2049er Now! C64 77 KB
Miracle Piano Teaching System Now! NES 166 KB
Miracle Ropit sAdventure In 21... Now! NES 62 KB
Missile Command Now! HiVE 35 KB
Mission A.D. Now! C64 29 KB
Mission Cobra Now! NES 18 KB
Mission Impossible Now! NES 165 KB
Monopoly Now! C64 84 KB
Monopoly Now! NES 131 KB
Monopoly Now! SMS 13 KB
Monster In My Pocket Now! NES 145 KB
Monster Party Now! NES 99 KB
Montezuma's Revenge Now! C64 14 KB
Monty Mole Now! C64 28 KB
Monty Plays Scrabble Now! C64 29 KB
Monty on the Run Now! C64 69 KB
Moon Cresta Now! Retrocade 16 KB
Moon Cresta Now! HiVE 17 KB
Moon Cresta Now! C64 26 KB
Moon Ranger Now! NES 50 KB
Moon Shuttle Now! C64 12 KB
Mordon's Quest Now! C64 30 KB
Mortal Kombat 3 Now! NES 328 KB
Motor City Patrol Now! NES 117 KB
Motos Now! HiVE 39 KB
Ms. Pac Attack Now! Retrocade 18 KB
Ms. Pac Man Now! HiVE 45 KB
Ms. Pac Man Now! Retrocade 45 KB
Ms. Pac-Man Now! EmuDX 19 KB
Muppet Adventure Choas At The ... Now! NES 59 KB
Mutant Virus Now! NES 107 KB
Namcap Now! C64 14 KB
Necromancer Now! C64 16 KB
Nes Open Tournament Golf Now! NES 188 KB
Nether Earth Now! C64 23 KB
Neuromancer Now! C64 371 KB
Never Ending Story Now! C64 63 KB
New Ghostbusters 2 Now! NES 108 KB
New Rally X Now! HiVE 14 KB
New Zealand Story Now! C64 72 KB
Nexus 2 Now! C64 39 KB
Nexus 2 Now! C64 37 KB
Nfl Now! NES 56 KB
Nibbler Now! Retrocade 18 KB
Night Shift Now! C64 97 KB
NightShade Part 1 The Claws Of... Now! NES 276 KB
Nightmare On Elm Street Now! NES 89 KB
Ninja (Pirate) Now! NES 16 KB
Ninja 3 (Pirate) Now! NES 26 KB
Ninja Crusaders Now! NES 72 KB
Ninja Gaiden Now! NES 140 KB
Ninja Gaiden Episode 2 The Dar... Now! NES 166 KB
Ninja Gaiden Episode 3 The Anc... Now! NES 166 KB
Ninja Kid Now! NES 42 KB
Ninja Scooter Now! C64 20 KB
Nintendo Now! C64 77 KB
Nintendo World Cup Now! NES 106 KB
Noah's Ark Now! NES 160 KB
Nobby The Aardvark Now! C64 156 KB
Nobby the Aardvark Now! C64 301 KB
Nobunaga's Ambition Now! NES 109 KB
Nobunaga's Ambition 2 Now! NES 188 KB
Nodesofy Now! C64 44 KB
Nonsense Now! C64 117 KB
Nordandb Now! C64 140 KB
North & South Now! NES 111 KB
Nothing but code - beyond forc... Now! C64 40 KB
Nova Blast Now! C64 13 KB
Nuts & Milk Now! NES 14 KB
Ocean Ranger Now! C64 233 KB
Oh no Now! C64 21 KB
Oils Well Now! C64 10 KB
Ole! Now! C64 27 KB
Ollo Now! C64 29 KB
Omega Now! C64 206 KB
Omgamiss Now! C64 46 KB
On court Now! C64 22 KB
One Man and his Droid Now! C64 23 KB
Operation Thunderbolt Now! C64 143 KB
Operation Wolf Now! C64 47 KB
Operation Wolf Now! NES 86 KB
Orb 3D Now! NES 66 KB
Orc Attack Now! C64 12 KB
Orin 1 Now! C64 7 KB
Othello Now! NES 12 KB
Oupv-hit Now! C64 53 KB
Outlaws Now! C64 30 KB
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