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SC Game Name ReView See it! Emulators Version Size
New Ghostbusters 2 Now! NES 108 KB
New Rally X Now! HiVE 14 KB
New Zealand Story Now! C64 72 KB
Nexus 2 Now! C64 39 KB
Nexus 2 Now! C64 37 KB
Nfl Now! NES 56 KB
Nibbler Now! Retrocade 18 KB
Night Shift Now! C64 97 KB
NightShade Part 1 The Claws Of... Now! NES 276 KB
Nightmare On Elm Street Now! NES 89 KB
Ninja (Pirate) Now! NES 16 KB
Ninja 3 (Pirate) Now! NES 26 KB
Ninja Crusaders Now! NES 72 KB
Ninja Gaiden Now! NES 140 KB
Ninja Gaiden Episode 2 The Dar... Now! NES 166 KB
Ninja Gaiden Episode 3 The Anc... Now! NES 166 KB
Ninja Kid Now! NES 42 KB
Ninja Scooter Now! C64 20 KB
Nintendo Now! C64 77 KB
Nintendo World Cup Now! NES 106 KB
Noah's Ark Now! NES 160 KB
Nobby The Aardvark Now! C64 156 KB
Nobby the Aardvark Now! C64 301 KB
Nobunaga's Ambition Now! NES 109 KB
Nobunaga's Ambition 2 Now! NES 188 KB
Nodesofy Now! C64 44 KB
Nonsense Now! C64 117 KB
Nordandb Now! C64 140 KB
North & South Now! NES 111 KB
Nothing but code - beyond forc... Now! C64 40 KB
Nova Blast Now! C64 13 KB
Nuts & Milk Now! NES 14 KB
Ocean Ranger Now! C64 233 KB
Oh no Now! C64 21 KB
Oils Well Now! C64 10 KB
Ole! Now! C64 27 KB
Ollo Now! C64 29 KB
Omega Now! C64 206 KB
Omgamiss Now! C64 46 KB
On court Now! C64 22 KB
One Man and his Droid Now! C64 23 KB
Operation Thunderbolt Now! C64 143 KB
Operation Wolf Now! C64 47 KB
Operation Wolf Now! NES 86 KB
Orb 3D Now! NES 66 KB
Orc Attack Now! C64 12 KB
Orin 1 Now! C64 7 KB
Othello Now! NES 12 KB
Oupv-hit Now! C64 53 KB
Outlaws Now! C64 30 KB
Over Lord Now! NES 133 KB
Overlander Now! C64 38 KB
P'radikus Conflict Now! NES 48 KB
Pac Land Now! NES 23 KB
Pac Man Y Now! Retrocade 13 KB
Pac Man Y Now! HiVE 125 KB
Pac'n'Pal Now! HiVE 22 KB
Pac-Man Now! NES 12 KB
Pac-Man (Namco) Now! NES 11 KB
Pac-Mania Now! NES 34 KB
Paccie Now! C64 12 KB
Pacgames Now! C64 148 KB
Pacmania Now! C64 36 KB
Palamedes Now! NES 31 KB
Panic Restaurant Now! NES 132 KB
Panther Now! C64 31 KB
Paper Boy Now! NES 30 KB
Paper Boy 2 Now! NES 101 KB
Parallax Now! C64 125 KB
Parodius Now! NES 175 KB
Pengo Now! HiVE 23 KB
Perfect Bowling Now! NES 47 KB
Pesterminator The Western Exte... Now! NES 60 KB
Phantasie Now! C64 407 KB
Phantom Fighter Now! NES 119 KB
Phobia Now! C64 146 KB
Phoenix Now! Retrocade 16 KB
Pictionary Now! NES 83 KB
Pinball Now! NES 15 KB
Pinball Construction Set Now! C64 51 KB
Pinball Quest Now! NES 110 KB
Ping Pong Now! C64 52 KB
Pirates! Now! NES 137 KB
Platoon Now! C64 216 KB
Platoon Now! NES 90 KB
Pleiads Now! Retrocade 17 KB
Pole Fight Now! C64 37 KB
Pon Poko Pon Now! NES 147 KB
Pooyan Now! NES 15 KB
Pooyan (Pirate) Now! NES 15 KB
Pop Quiz Now! C64 85 KB
Popeye Now! NES 16 KB
Popeye 86 Now! C64 27 KB
Poster Paster Now! C64 37 KB
Poto Poto Now! System C2 232 KB
Potty Pig Now! C64 25 KB
Pow Prisoners Of War Now! NES 113 KB
Power Blade Now! NES 125 KB
Power Blade 2 Now! NES 150 KB
Power Pad Super Team Games Now! NES 35 KB
Power Pad World Class Track Me... Now! NES 32 KB
Power Play Hockey Now! C64 55 KB
Power Punch 2 Now! NES 194 KB
Predator Now! C64 97 KB
Predator Now! NES 89 KB
Prince Of Persia Now! NES 74 KB
Princess Tomato In Salad Kingd... Now! NES 191 KB
Probotector 2 Return Of The Ev... Now! NES 151 KB
Psi-5 Now! C64 146 KB
Psycho Soldier Now! C64 37 KB
PuckMan (Japan set 1) Now! EmuDX 14 KB
PunchOut Now! NES 133 KB
Punisher Now! NES 121 KB
Puzznic Now! NES 26 KB
Pyramid Now! NES 12 KB
Q-Bert Now! NES 27 KB
Qix Now! HiVE 26 KB
Qix Now! NES 30 KB
Qix II Now! HiVE 23 KB
Quark9 Now! C64 14 KB
Quartet Now! C64 34 KB
Quattro Adventure Now! NES 180 KB
Quattro Sports Now! NES 180 KB
Quedex Now! C64 48 KB
Quest for Kings Now! C64 48 KB
Questqui Now! C64 12 KB
Questron Now! C64 122 KB
Quinty Now! NES 115 KB
Quiz Master Now! C64 37 KB
Quovadis Now! C64 27 KB
Qx9 Now! C64 18 KB
R-type Now! C64 115 KB
Race America Now! NES 95 KB
Racket Attack Now! NES 202 KB
Radarrrc Now! C64 14 KB
Raf World Now! NES 113 KB
Rainbow Islands Now! C64 122 KB
Rainbow Islands (Pirate) Now! NES 71 KB
Rally Speedway Now! C64 21 KB
Rally X Now! HiVE 14 KB
Rambo Now! NES 67 KB
Rambo: First Blood - Part II Now! C64 46 KB
Rampage Now! C64 38 KB
Rampage Now! NES 69 KB
Rampart Now! NES 100 KB
Rasputin Now! C64 69 KB
Rastan Now! C64 82 KB
Rbi Baseball Now! NES 88 KB
Rbi Baseball 2 Now! NES 115 KB
Rbi Baseball 3 Now! NES 87 KB
Rc Pro Am Now! NES 36 KB
Rc Pro Am 2 Now! NES 116 KB
Re-bounder Now! C64 47 KB
Real Ghostbusters Now! C64 110 KB
Rebel Now! C64 34 KB
Recca Now! NES 144 KB
Redmax Now! C64 29 KB
Ren & Stimpy Show Now! NES 122 KB
Renegade Now! NES 70 KB
Rescue The Embassy Mission Now! NES 85 KB
Revs+ Now! C64 40 KB
Rim Runner Now! C64 45 KB
Ring King Now! NES 98 KB
Ripoff Now! Retrocade 8 KB
River City Brawl Now! NES 123 KB
River City Ransom Now! NES 123 KB
Road Fighter Now! NES 16 KB
Road Runner Now! C64 158 KB
Road Runner Now! NES 55 KB
Robin Hood Prince Of Thieves Now! NES 181 KB
Robo Demons Now! NES 70 KB
Robo Warrior Now! NES 72 KB
Robocop Now! C64 111 KB
Robocop Now! NES 121 KB
Robocop 2 Now! NES 121 KB
Robocop 3 Now! NES 89 KB
Robocop Vs Terminator Now! NES 139 KB
Robot Block Now! NES 23 KB
Robotron Now! HiVE 38 KB
Rock N Ball Now! NES 84 KB
Rocketeer Now! NES 164 KB
Rockin' Kats Now! NES 145 KB
Rockyhor Now! C64 92 KB
Rocman X (Pirate) Now! NES 221 KB
Roger Clemens Mvp Baseball Now! NES 199 KB
Roller Ball Now! NES 54 KB
Roller Games Now! NES 153 KB
Rollerblade Racer Now! NES 72 KB
Rolling Thunder Now! C64 41 KB
Rolling Thunder Now! NES 103 KB
Romance Of The Three Kingdoms Now! NES 131 KB
Romance Of The Three Kingdoms ... Now! NES 282 KB
Romstar Magic Darts Now! NES 77 KB
Route 16 Turbo Now! NES 21 KB
Rush N Attack Now! NES 60 KB
Rygar Now! NES 76 KB
SCAT Special Cybernetic Attack... Now! NES 138 KB
Salamander Now! C64 107 KB
Samantha Fox Now! C64 31 KB
Samurai Spirits 2 Now! NES 313 KB
Samurai Warrior Now! C64 43 KB
Samurai Warrior Now! C64 42 KB
Sargon 3 Now! C64 88 KB
Satan Now! C64 97 KB
Scooby Doo Now! C64 39 KB
Scramble Now! C64 13 KB
Search For Link Now! NES 64 KB
Secret Mission Now! C64 20 KB
Section Z Now! NES 56 KB
Seicross Now! NES 23 KB
Sesame Street Countdown Now! NES 129 KB
Sesame Steet ABC Now! NES 41 KB
Seven Cities of Gold Now! C64 65 KB
Shadow Gate Now! NES 141 KB
Shadow Of The Ninja Now! NES 141 KB
Shatter Hand Now! NES 143 KB
Sherlock Now! C64 44 KB
Shingen The Ruler Now! NES 132 KB
Shinobi Now! C64 62 KB
Shinobi Now! NES 72 KB
ShockWave Now! NES 29 KB
Shogun Now! C64 67 KB
Shoot em up Contruction Kit Now! C64 258 KB
Shooting Range Now! NES 30 KB
Shufflepuck Cafe Now! NES 62 KB
Side Pocket Now! NES 52 KB
Silkworm Now! NES 96 KB
Silver Surfer Now! NES 197 KB
Sinistar Now! Retrocade 54 KB
Sinistar Now! HiVE 62 KB
Sinistar (Rare) Now! Retrocade 53 KB
Skate Or Die Now! NES 86 KB
Skate Or Die 2 The Search For ... Now! NES 270 KB
Skate or Die Now! C64 147 KB
Ski Or Die Now! NES 133 KB
Skid Marks Now! C64 66 KB
Sky Kid Now! NES 40 KB
Sky Travel Now! C64 86 KB
Skyfox Now! C64 122 KB
Skyshark Now! NES 95 KB
Slalom Now! NES 24 KB
Slap Fight Now! C64 51 KB
Smash TV Now! NES 102 KB
Snake's Revenge Metal Gear 2 Now! NES 143 KB
Snoopy Now! NES 85 KB
Snow Bros Now! NES 92 KB
Snow Bros Now! Retrocade 292 KB
Soap Panic Now! NES 36 KB
Soccer Now! C64 160 KB
Solar Jetman Now! NES 163 KB
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