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SC Game Name ReView See it! Emulators Version Size
Lady Sword Now! PC Engine 599 KB
Laguna Racer Now! MAME 6 KB
Land Battle Now! Intellivision 9 KB
Land Maker Now! RAINE 8531 KB
Land Sea Air Squad / Riku Kai ... Now! MAME 255 KB
Land of Illusion Now! SMS 305 KB
Las Vegas Blackjack and Poker Now! Intellivision 13 KB
Las Vegas Roulette Now! Intellivision 3 KB
Las Vegas Video Poker Now! C64 33 KB
Las Vegas Video Poker Now! C64 29 KB
Laser Now! MAME 6 KB
Laser Gates Now! Atari 2600 4 KB
Laser Ghost Now! SMS 113 KB
Laser Invasion Now! NES 153 KB
Laser Squad Now! C64 82 KB
Lasso Now! MAME 21 KB
Last Action Hero Now! NES 99 KB
Last Day, The (set 1) Now! MAME 431 KB
Last Day, The (set 2) Now! MAME 93 KB
Last Duel (US set 1) Now! MAME 906 KB
Last Fortress - Toride Now! MAME 732 KB
Last Fortress - Toride (Erotic... Now! MAME 558 KB
Last Mission Now! C64 37 KB
Last Mission (US revision 6) Now! MAME 282 KB
Last Ninja Now! NES 106 KB
Last Ninja 2 Now! C64 292 KB
Last Resort Now! NeoGeo 2966 KB
Laurel and Hardy Now! C64 29 KB
Law of the West Now! C64 152 KB
Lazer Command Now! MAME 4 KB
Leaderboard Now! C64 35 KB
League Bowling Now! NeoGeo 1632 KB
League Champ (1.1) Now! WPCMAME 113 KB
Learning Fun I - Math Master F... Now! Intellivision 8 KB
Learning Fun II - Word Wizard ... Now! Intellivision 9 KB
Ledstorm Now! C64 49 KB
Lee Trevino's Fighting Golf Now! NES 116 KB
Legacy Of The Wizard Now! NES 81 KB
Legend Of Hero Tonma Now! PC Engine 223 KB
Legend Of Kage Now! NES 26 KB
Legend Of Prince Valiant Now! NES 131 KB
Legend Of The Ghost Lion Now! NES 136 KB
Legend Of Zelda Now! NES 65 KB
Legend of Hero Tonma Now! M-72 660 KB
Legend of Hero Tonma Now! MAME 660 KB
Legend of Hero Tonma Now! MAME 679 KB
Legend of Kage Now! C64 27 KB
Legend of Kage, The Now! MAME 228 KB
Legend of Makai (World) Now! MAME 232 KB
Legend of Makaj Now! RAINE 226 KB
Legend of Success Joe Now! NeoGeo 1567 KB
Legendary Axe Now! PC Engine 153 KB
Legendary Axe II Now! PC Engine 163 KB
Legendary Wings Now! NES 82 KB
Legendary Wings (US set 1) Now! MAME 474 KB
Lemmings Now! Lynx 240 KB
Lemmings Now! NES 118 KB
Lemmings (Alt) (SMS/GG) Now! SMS 250 KB
Leppard Now! C64 112 KB
Leprechaun Now! MAME 44 KB
Lethal Bombs Now! C64 66 KB
Lethal Thunder (World) Now! MAME 1206 KB
Levers Now! MAME 15 KB
Lexis Now! Lynx 152 KB
Libble Rabble Now! MAME 42 KB
Liberator (set 1) Now! MAME 48 KB
Life Force Now! PC Engine 183 KB
Life Force Now! NES 90 KB
LifeForce (Pirate) Now! NES 90 KB
Light Bringer Now! RAINE 8047 KB
Light Bringer Now! MAME 8047 KB
Light Force Now! C64 30 KB
Lightbringer (Japan) Now! MAME 8047 KB
Lightning Fighters (US) Now! MAME 1563 KB
Line of Fire Now! SMS 184 KB
Linus Spacehead's Cosmic Crusa... Now! NES 197 KB
Lion King Now! SMS 279 KB
Liquid Kids Now! PC Engine 224 KB
Liquid Kids Now! RAINE 1133 KB
Liquid Kids Now! MAME 1133 KB
Liquid Kids (World) Now! MAME 1271 KB
Little League Baseball Champio... Now! NES 124 KB
Little Mermaid Now! NES 84 KB
Little Nemo The Dream Master Now! NES 151 KB
Little Ninja Brothers Now! NES 174 KB
Little Samson Now! NES 235 KB
Lizard Wizard Now! MAME 21 KB
Lock 'N' Chase Now! Intellivision 17 KB
Lock'n'Chase Now! MAME 19 KB
Loco-Motion Now! Intellivision 8 KB
Loco-Motion Now! MAME 58 KB
Lode Runner Now! PC Engine 81 KB
Lode Runner Now! C64 34 KB
Lode Runner Now! NES 16 KB
Lode Runner (SG-1000) Now! SMS 16 KB
Lode Runner (set 1) Now! MAME 62 KB
Lode Runner II - The Bungeling... Now! MAME 66 KB
Lode Runner III - Majin No Fuk... Now! MAME 75 KB
Lode Runner IV - Teikoku Karan... Now! MAME 92 KB
Lode Runner's Rescue Now! C64 71 KB
Logger Now! MAME 20 KB
Logic Pro Now! MAME 1678 KB
Logic Pro 2 (Japan) Now! MAME 2060 KB
Logical Now! C64 58 KB
London Blitz Now! Atari 2600 4 KB
Lone Ranger Now! NES 232 KB
Looper Now! MAME 12 KB
Looping (set 1) Now! MAME 39 KB
Loopz Now! Lynx 117 KB
Loopz Now! NES 31 KB
Lord Of King Now! RAINE 110 KB
Lord Of King Now! MAME 110 KB
Lord of King, The (Japan) Now! MAME 111 KB
Lord of Sword Now! SMS 149 KB
Lords of Chaos Now! C64 60 KB
Lost Luggage Now! Atari 2600 4 KB
Lost Tomb (easy) Now! MAME 24 KB
Lost Worlds (Japan) Now! MAME 395 KB
Lot Lot Now! NES 19 KB
Lot Lot Now! MAME 40 KB
Lotto Fun Now! MAME 20 KB
Low G Man The Low Gravity Man Now! NES 132 KB
Lucky Dime Caper Now! SMS 171 KB
Lunar Lander Now! Retrocade 18 KB
Lunar Lander Now! MAME 18 KB
Lunar Lander (rev 2) Now! MAME 18 KB
Lunar Leeper Now! C64 36 KB
Lunar Pool Now! NES 16 KB
Lunar Rescue Now! HiVE 9 KB
Lunar Rescue Now! MAME 9 KB
Lunar Rescue Now! Retrocade 10 KB
Lunar Rescue Now! MAME 10 KB
Lunar Rescue Now! MAME 26 KB
Lupin III Now! MAME 14 KB
Lynx Boot ROM Now! Lynx 630 KB
Lynx Casino Now! Lynx 142 KB
Lynx Diagnostics Now! Lynx 19 KB
M*A*S*H Now! Atari 2600 4 KB
M*A*S*H Now! Atari 2600 4 KB
M-4 Now! MAME 6 KB
M.A.C.H. 3 Now! MAME 48 KB
M.A.D. Now! Atari 2600 4 KB
M.U.L.E. Now! NES 71 KB
M79 Ambush Now! MAME 9 KB
MFG 20th Cent.Fox Video Games Now! Atari 2600 4 KB
MFG Activision (Dave Rolle) Now! Atari 2600 8 KB
MFG M-Network (Mattel) Now! Atari 2600 4 KB
MFG Mystique Now! Atari 2600 4 KB
MOTU: The Power of He-Man Now! Atari 2600 16 KB
MTV's Remote Control Now! NES 114 KB
MX5000 Now! MAME 503 KB
Mach Rider Now! MAME 28 KB
Mach Rider Now! MAME 28 KB
Machine Gun Joe Now! SMS 23 KB
Machine: Bride of Pinbot, The ... Now! WPCMAME 389 KB
Macho Mouse Now! MAME 18 KB
Macross Now! MAME 2135 KB
Macross Now! MAME 2135 KB
Macross 2 Now! RAINE 2121 KB
Macross 2 Now! MAME 2121 KB
Macross II Now! MAME 3698 KB
Mad Crasher Now! MAME 48 KB
Mad Doctor Now! C64 107 KB
Mad Gear (Japan) Now! MAME 98 KB
Mad Gear (US) Now! MAME 960 KB
Mad Max Now! NES 85 KB
Mad Motor Now! MAME 1229 KB
Mad Planets Now! MAME 44 KB
Madokisoku Granzort Now! PC Engine 355 KB
Maerchen Maze Now! PC Engine 141 KB
Mafia Now! C64 87 KB
Mag Max Now! C64 30 KB
Mag Max Now! MAME 98 KB
Magic Bubble Now! MAME 1294 KB
Magic Candle Now! C64 278 KB
Magic Desk Now! C64 110 KB
Magic Fields Now! C64 27 KB
Magic Johnson's Fast Break Now! NES 68 KB
Magic Madness Now! C64 57 KB
Magic Of Sheherazade Now! NES 150 KB
Magic Sword - Heroic Fantasy (... Now! MAME 1828 KB
Magical Chase Now! PC Engine 290 KB
Magical Crystals (Japan) Now! MAME 1033 KB
Magical Drop II Now! NeoGeo 3708 KB
Magical Spot II Now! MAME 13 KB
Magician Now! NES 154 KB
Magician Lord Now! NeoGeo 2842 KB
Magix / Rock Now! MAME 826 KB
Magnetron Now! C64 52 KB
Magnum Force Now! C64 49 KB
Mahjong Bakuhatsu Junjouden (J... Now! MAME 406 KB
Mahjong Banana Dream [BET] (Ja... Now! MAME 437 KB
Mahjong CLUB 90's (Japan) Now! MAME 355 KB
Mahjong Camera Kozou (Japan) Now! MAME 437 KB
Mahjong Chinmoku no Hentai (Ja... Now! MAME 546 KB
Mahjong Circuit no Mehyou (Jap... Now! MAME 603 KB
Mahjong Doukyuusei Now! MAME 2548 KB
Mahjong Doukyuusei Special Now! MAME 7133 KB
Mahjong Erotica Golf (Japan) Now! MAME 2261 KB
Mahjong Final Bunny [BET] (Jap... Now! MAME 106 KB
Mahjong Focus (Japan) Now! MAME 423 KB
Mahjong Focus [BET] (Japan) Now! MAME 458 KB
Mahjong G-MEN'89 (Japan) Now! MAME 490 KB
Mahjong Gakuen Now! MAME 1474 KB
Mahjong Gakuen 2 Gakuen-chou n... Now! MAME 1858 KB
Mahjong Gakuen Mild Now! PC Engine 286 KB
Mahjong Gakuen Touma Shiro Toj... Now! PC Engine 283 KB
Mahjong Gakuensai (Japan) Now! MAME 14794 KB
Mahjong Gakuensai 2 (Japan) Now! MAME 16556 KB
Mahjong Gal 10-renpatsu (Japan... Now! MAME 1104 KB
Mahjong Gal no Kaika (Japan) Now! MAME 419 KB
Mahjong Gal no Kokuhaku (Japan... Now! MAME 447 KB
Mahjong Goku Special Now! PC Engine 267 KB
Mahjong Gottsu ee-kanji (Japan... Now! MAME 533 KB
Mahjong Hana no Momoko gumi (J... Now! MAME 505 KB
Mahjong Haoden Kaiser's Quest Now! PC Engine 251 KB
Mahjong Hyouban Musume [BET] (... Now! MAME 41 KB
Mahjong Jikken Love Story (Jap... Now! MAME 379 KB
Mahjong Kaguyahime [BET] (Japa... Now! MAME 330 KB
Mahjong Keibaou (Japan) Now! MAME 712 KB
Mahjong Koi Uranai (Japan) Now! MAME 640 KB
Mahjong Koi no Magic Potion (J... Now! MAME 892 KB
Mahjong Kyoretsuden Now! NeoGeo 3022 KB
Mahjong La Man (Japan) Now! MAME 589 KB
Mahjong Nanpa Story (Japan old... Now! MAME 38 KB
Mahjong Nanpa Story (Japan) Now! MAME 571 KB
Mahjong Nerae! Top Star (Japan... Now! MAME 472 KB
Mahjong Pachinko Monogatari (J... Now! MAME 881 KB
Mahjong Panic Stadium (Japan) Now! MAME 422 KB
Mahjong Quest (Japan) Now! MAME 1725 KB
Mahjong Quest (No Nudity) Now! MAME 31 KB
Mahjong Sailor Wars (Japan) Now! MAME 946 KB
Mahjong Sailor Wars-R [BET] (J... Now! MAME 583 KB
Mahjong Satsujin Jiken (Japan) Now! MAME 304 KB
Mahjong Scout Man (Japan) Now! MAME 2265 KB
Mahjong Shikaka Retsuden Mahjo... Now! PC Engine 144 KB
Mahjong Sikaku (Japan set 1) Now! MAME 387 KB
Mahjong Sikaku (Japan set 2) Now! MAME 95 KB
Mahjong THE LADY HUNTER (Japan... Now! MAME 640 KB
Mahjong Triple Wars (Japan) Now! MAME 513 KB
Mahjong Triple Wars 2 (Japan) Now! MAME 609 KB
Mahjong Uranai Densetsu (Japan... Now! MAME 639 KB
Mahjong Vanilla Syndrome (Japa... Now! MAME 682 KB
Mahjong Yuugi (Japan set 1) Now! MAME 1801 KB
Mahjong Yuugi (Japan set 2) Now! MAME 36 KB
Mahjong quest Now! RAINE 1724 KB
Mahou Daisakusen Now! RAINE 1391 KB
Mahou Daisakusen Now! MAME 1391 KB
Mahou Daisakusen (Japan) Now! MAME 1387 KB
Maikobana (Japan) Now! MAME 405 KB
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