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J League Greatest Eleven Now! PC Engine 254 KB
J. J. Squawkers Now! MAME 2518 KB
JJ and Jeff Now! PC Engine 137 KB
Jack Nickolas Greatest 18 Hole... Now! NES 70 KB
Jack Niclaus Turbo Golf Now! PC Engine 146 KB
Jack Rabbit (set 1) Now! MAME 117 KB
Jack the Giantkiller (set 1) Now! MAME 46 KB
Jack the Nipper Now! C64 32 KB
Jack the Nipper 2 Now! C64 37 KB
Jack the Ripper Now! C64 116 KB
Jack*Bot (1.0R) Now! WPCMAME 346 KB
Jack*Bot (1.0R) Now! MAME 346 KB
Jackal Now! NES 80 KB
Jackal (World) Now! MAME 977 KB
Jackie Chan's Action Kung Fu Now! PC Engine 285 KB
Jackie Chan's Action Kung Fu Now! NES 141 KB
Jail Break Now! C64 39 KB
Jail Break Now! MAME 70 KB
James Bond Now! C64 12 KB
James Bond 007 (SG1000) Now! SMS 11 KB
James Bond Jr Now! NES 170 KB
James Pond 2: Robocod Now! SMS 257 KB
Jaseikin Necromancer Now! PC Engine 188 KB
Jatre Specter (set 1) Now! MAME 5 KB
Jaw Breaker Now! C64 79 KB
Jawbreaker Now! Atari 2600 4 KB
Jaws Now! C64 91 KB
Jaws Now! NES 36 KB
Jeopardy Now! C64 263 KB
Jeopardy (GG) Now! SMS 158 KB
Jeopardy 25th Anniversary Edit... Now! NES 108 KB
Jeopardy Junior Edition Now! NES 98 KB
Jeopardy Sports Edition (GG) Now! SMS 151 KB
Jet Set Willy Now! C64 30 KB
Jetpack Now! C64 20 KB
Jetsons Cogswell's Caper Now! NES 196 KB
Jetsons, The - Ways With Words Now! Intellivision 12 KB
Jewelry Now! NES 9 KB
Jigoku Meguri Now! RAINE 863 KB
Jimmu Densho Yaksa Now! PC Engine 264 KB
Jimmy Conner's Tennis Now! NES 48 KB
Jinks Now! C64 59 KB
Jinxter Now! C64 300 KB
Jitsuryoku!! Pro Yakyuu (Japan... Now! MAME 1510 KB
Joe & Mac Now! NES 117 KB
Joe Blade Now! C64 17 KB
Joe Montana Football Now! SMS 84 KB
John Elway's Quarterback Now! NES 34 KB
John Elway's Team Quarterback Now! MAME 540 KB
John Elway's Team Quarterback ... Now! MAME 23 KB
Johnny Mnemonic (1.2R) Now! WPCMAME 4224 KB
Johnny Mnemonic (1.2R) Now! MAME 4224 KB
Joshua Now! NES 97 KB
Journey Now! Retrocade 67 KB
Journey Now! MAME 67 KB
Journey Now! MAME 70 KB
Journey Escape Now! Atari 2600 4 KB
Journey To Silius Now! NES 113 KB
Joust Now! Lynx 82 KB
Joust Now! Atari 7800 16 KB
Joust Now! Retrocade 36 KB
Joust Now! MAME 36 KB
Joust Now! Atari 2600 8 KB
Joust Now! HiVE 35 KB
Joust Now! MAME 35 KB
Joust (Atari) Now! NES 12 KB
Joust (Hal) Now! NES 19 KB
Joust (White/Green label) Now! MAME 102 KB
Joust 2 - Survival of the Fitt... Now! MAME 159 KB
Joyful Road (US) Now! MAME 52 KB
Jr. Pac Man Now! HiVE 28 KB
Jr. Pac Man Now! MAME 28 KB
Jr. Pac Man Now! Atari 2600 16 KB
Jr. Pac-Man Now! MAME 31 KB
Judge Dredd Now! C64 47 KB
Judge Dredd (L-7) Now! WPCMAME 4235 KB
Judge Dredd (L-7) Now! MAME 4235 KB
Jump Bug Now! MAME 41 KB
Jump Coaster Now! MAME 26 KB
Jump Shot Now! MAME 20 KB
Jumping Now! MAME 56 KB
Jumping Island Now! RAINE 503 KB
Jumping Jack Now! MAME 45 KB
Jumpman Now! C64 36 KB
Jungle Book Now! NES 140 KB
Jungle Book (GG) Now! SMS 151 KB
Jungle Fever Now! Atari 2600 4 KB
Jungle Hunt Now! Atari 2600 8 KB
Jungle Hunt Now! C64 13 KB
Jungle King (Japan) Now! MAME 113 KB
Jungle Story Now! C64 8 KB
Jungle Trouble Now! C64 10 KB
Jungler Now! MAME 24 KB
Junk Yard (1.2) Now! WPCMAME 3843 KB
Junk Yard (1.2) Now! MAME 3843 KB
Juno First Now! MAME 70 KB
Jurassic Park Now! SMS 344 KB
Jurassic Park Now! NES 149 KB
Jurassic Park (GG) Now! SMS 339 KB
Jyanshin Densetsu Now! NeoGeo 3499 KB
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