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Cutthroats Now! Cybernoid 2 Now!
Daley Thompson's Olympic Chall... Now! Daley Thompson's Super Test Now!
Dan Dare Now! Dark Lord Now!
Dark Side Now! Death Wish 3 Now!
Deceptor Now! Defender of the Crown Now!
Die Hard Now! Donald Duck Now!
Donkey Kong Now! Double Dragon Now!
Double Dragon 3 Now! Drachen Tal Now!
Dracula (Adventure) Now! Dragonskulle Now!
Drol Now! Druid Now!
Eagles Now! Echelon Now!
Elephant Antics Now! Elevator Action Now!
Eliminator Now! Elvira Now!
Empire from Interstel Now! Empire! Now!
Energy Warrior Now! Energy Warrior Now!
Enigma Force Now! Eric the Viking Now!
Escape from Paradise Now! Eureka! Now!
Evil Crown Now! Exile Now!
Faery Tale Now! Farmer's Daughter Now!
Fernandez must die Now! Feud Now!
Fields of Hades Now! Final Fight Now!
Fire Lord Now! Fireworks Now!
Flight Deck Now! Flimbo's Quest Now!
Flintstones Now! Football Manager Disk Now!
Frankie goes to Hollywood Now! Frankie goes to Hollywood Now!
Freddy Hardest Now! Friday the 13th Now!
Frightmare Now! Frogger 93 Now!
Front Line Now! Galaga Now!
Galivan Now! Galivan Now!
Gamestar Championship Baseball Now! Garfield (Big fat hairy deal) Now!
Gauntlet Now! Gauntlet 2 Now!
Ghetto Blaster Now! Ghetto Blaster Now!
Ghost Busters Now! Gijoe Now!
Goldenaxe Now! Goonies Now!
Great Gurianos Now! Gremlins Now!
Gremlins II (Arcade) Now! Gruds in Space Now!
Gryzor Now! Gunship Now!
Gunsmoke Now! Gunstar Now!
Hades Nebuccai Now! Hammerfist Now!
Hardball Now! Headache Now!
Hebereke no Popoon (Japan) Now! Hellfire Now!
Highlander Now! Highway Encounter Now!
Hillsfar Now! Hollywood Hijinx (Infocom) Now!
Hostages Now! Hot Wheels (Epyx) Now!
Hotrod Now! Howard the Duck Now!
Hunchback - The Adventure Now! Hunchback Olympics Now!
Hypaball Now! Hypersports Now!
Hysteria Now! I Ball Now!
Ice Hockey Now! Icups Now!
Ikari Warriors Now! Impossible Mission Now!
Indiana Jones and The Last Cru... Now! Indiana Jones and The Temple o... Now!
Indoor Sports Now! Infiltrator Now!
Infiltrator 2 Now! Injured Engine Now!
Inside Out Now! Inspector Gadget Now!
International Karate Now! International Truck Racing Now!
Intrigue Now! Iridis Now!
It's a knockout Now! Jack the Nipper Now!
Jack the Nipper 2 Now! Jack the Ripper Now!
Jail Break Now! James Bond Now!
Jaw Breaker Now! Jaws Now!
Jeopardy Now! Jet Set Willy Now!
Jetpack Now! Jinks Now!
Jinxter Now! Joe Blade Now!
Judge Dredd Now! Jumpman Now!
Jungle Hunt Now! Jungle Story Now!
Jungle Trouble Now! K-Ring Now!
Kaiser Now! Kaiv Now!
Kampfgruppe Now! Karate Champ Now!
Karate Kid 2 Now! Karateka Now!
Karnov Now! Katakis Now!
Kennedy Approach from Micropro... Now! Kid Niki Now!
Killed Until Dead Now! King's ransom Now!
Kings of the Beach Now! Knuckle Buster Now!
Krazy Kong Now! Kronis Rift Now!
Kungfu Master Now! Kungfu Master Now!
Labyrinth Now! Labyrinth Now!
Las Vegas Video Poker Now! Las Vegas Video Poker Now!
Laser Squad Now! Last Mission Now!
Last Ninja 2 Now! Laurel and Hardy Now!
Law of the West Now! Leaderboard Now!
Ledstorm Now! Legend of Kage Now!
Leppard Now! Lethal Bombs Now!
Light Force Now! Lode Runner Now!
Lode Runner's Rescue Now! Logical Now!
Lords of Chaos Now! Lunar Leeper Now!
Mad Doctor Now! Mafia Now!
Mag Max Now! Magic Candle Now!
Magic Desk Now! Magic Fields Now!
Magic Madness Now! Magnetron Now!
Magnum Force Now! Mail order Monsters Now!
Mama Llama Now! Mancopter (DataSoft) Now!
Maniac Mansion Now! Mario Brothers Now!
Masquerade Now! Master Trivia Now!
Masters of the Universe Now! Match Maker Now!
Max Headdroom Now! Maze Master Now!
Meanstreak Now! Mega Deviants Now!
Menace Now! Mercenary 2 Now!
Miami Vice Now! Mickey's Space Adventure Now!
Micro disco Now! Midnight Resistance Now!
Might Mission Now! Mikie Now!
Milk Race Now! Mind Control Now!
Mind Shadow Now! Minefields Now!
Miner 2049er Now! Mission A.D. Now!
Monopoly Now! Montezuma's Revenge Now!
Monty Mole Now! Monty Plays Scrabble Now!
Monty on the Run Now! Moon Cresta Now!
Moon Shuttle Now! Mordon's Quest Now!
Namcap Now! Necromancer Now!
Nether Earth Now! Neuromancer Now!
Never Ending Story Now! New Zealand Story Now!
Nexus 2 Now! Nexus 2 Now!
Night Shift Now! Ninja Scooter Now!
Nintendo Now! Nobby The Aardvark Now!
Nobby the Aardvark Now! Nodesofy Now!
Nonsense Now! Nordandb Now!
Nothing but code - beyond forc... Now! Nova Blast Now!
Ocean Ranger Now! Oh no Now!
Oils Well Now! Ole! Now!
Ollo Now! Omega Now!
Omgamiss Now! On court Now!
One Man and his Droid Now! Operation Thunderbolt Now!
Operation Wolf Now! Orc Attack Now!
Orin 1 Now! Oupv-hit Now!
Outlaws Now! Overlander Now!
Paccie Now! Pacgames Now!
Pacmania Now! Panther Now!
Parallax Now! Phantasie Now!
Phobia Now! Pinball Construction Set Now!
Ping Pong Now! Platoon Now!
Pole Fight Now! Pop Quiz Now!
Popeye 86 Now! Poster Paster Now!
Potty Pig Now! Power Play Hockey Now!
Predator Now! Psi-5 Now!
Psycho Soldier Now! Quark9 Now!
Quartet Now! Quedex Now!
Quest for Kings Now! Questqui Now!
Questron Now! Quiz Master Now!
Quovadis Now! Qx9 Now!
R-type Now! Radarrrc Now!
Rainbow Islands Now! Rally Speedway Now!
Rambo: First Blood - Part II Now! Rampage Now!
Rasputin Now! Rastan Now!
Re-bounder Now! Real Ghostbusters Now!
Rebel Now! Redmax Now!
Revs+ Now! Rim Runner Now!
Road Runner Now! Robocop Now!
Rockyhor Now! Rolling Thunder Now!
Salamander Now! Samantha Fox Now!
Samurai Warrior Now! Samurai Warrior Now!
Sargon 3 Now! Satan Now!
Scooby Doo Now! Scramble Now!
Secret Mission Now! Seven Cities of Gold Now!
Sherlock Now! Shinobi Now!
Shogun Now! Shoot em up Contruction Kit Now!
Skate or Die Now! Skid Marks Now!
Sky Travel Now! Skyfox Now!
Slap Fight Now! Soccer Now!
Space Harrier Now! Taipan Now!
Tales of the Cat Now! Target Now!
Tennis Now! Tenspeed Now!
Test Drive Now! Thai Boxing Now!
The Castles of Dr Creep Now! The Colour of Magic Now!
The Eidolon Now! The Enforcer Now!
The Eternal Dagger Now! The Examination Now!
The House Now! The Hulk Now!
The Keys to Maramon Now! The Last Gladiator Now!
The Magic Candle Now! The Mars Saga Now!
The Mask of the Sun Now! The Master of Magic Now!
The Quest for a Golden Egg Cup Now! The Serpents Star Now!
The Shard of Spring Now! The Temple of Apshai Now!
The Train Now! The Tramontane Alliance Now!
The Witness Now! The Wombles Now!
The Young Ones Now! The scrolls of Albadon Now!
Three Apshai Now! Thunder Blade Now!
Thunder Cats Now! Thunder Chopper Now!
Time Fighter Now! Times of Lore Now!
Titanic Now! Tom and Jerry Now!
Turbo Esprit Now! Turbo Outrun Now!
Uchimata Now! Ultima 1 Now!
Ultima 2 Now! Ultima 3 Now!
Ultima 4 Now! Ultima 5 Now!
Ultimate Wizard Now! Ulysses and the Golden Fleece Now!
Underwurlde Now! Untouchables Now!
Up Periscope Now! V The Game Now!
Velocipede 2 Now! Venom Strikes Back Now!
View to a Kill Now! Vikings Now!
Vntm Now! Void Runner Now!
Wacky Races Now! War of the Lance Now!
Wargames Now! Water Polo Now!
Way of the Fist Now! Way of the Tiger Now!
Werner Now! Where in the world is Carmen S... Now!
Winter Games Now! Wishbringer from Infocom Now!
Wizard Prince Now! Wizardry Now!
Wonderboy Now! World Games Now!
World Karate Championship Now! World Tour Golf Now!
Xenomorph Now! Xenophobe Now!
Xiom Now! Xmisc1 Now!
Yie Ar Kungfu 2 Now! Yote Now!
Zak Now! Zaxxon Now!
Zeus Now! Zig-Zag Now!
Zoids Now! Zolo Now!
Zone 7 - Part 2 Now! Zork Now!
Zynaps Now!
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