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EV News - Some Tidbits - June 15, '98 by JoseQ
Well today was a rather calm day again in Emulation Land, nevertheless there are some news to report. Some are even exclusive (about System16 DirectX) that you have probably not read anywhere else. So lets start with the rundown of what is new @ EmuViews.
Some design changes that you probably have not noticed is that the main page is now in frames. You can notice if you move to the older postings and still see the same URL on the top. The only reason I did this was because now the Main Page is also a script. So instead of updating the HTML, the HTML is created on request and you will always get the 10 newest articles at EmuViews instead of the regular 3 to 9 there used to be. I also added the Week In Review which will be a weekly feature starting again two weeks from today.
Some not so good news; this site will be pretty much quiet from friday to monday since I will be traveling back home for the weekend. It is my graduation and it is also Father's day. If I find the time, I'll post EV News, but no InterViews, or anything that takes too much time. I have two days to graduate, see all my family and my fiancees'. Plus obviously my computer is up here. Nevertheless I'm happy I'll be home with my family for a few days.
Now to the good stuff. I added Grytra which is a Gryzor (Konami Contra) emulator. This game was one of my favorites in Time Out back then, its an action paced, two player simultaneous side scroller. One of the first of its genre. The emulator has no sound, but it does has joystick support. From what I gather from the readme, this was a private distribution, but it got out, so I posted it. Docs are in spanish. You can get it Here and the Contra ROM set Here.
I posted a new ReView for a just in time game, World Cup 90, which is a MAME game. You can read all about it from our Reviews Page. This one was written by Jellodyne.
Please read the article by Shane Monroe, in which he expresses a very valid point - Emulators do not replace arcade, they just help to partially and temporary fulfill your dream -. Which is very true for a guy who has gotten 3 arcade machines in this year alone.
An InterView with Neil Bradley was more recently added. Featuring one of the longests questionaires yet and some very interesting aspects from one veteran Emu Programmer. Different than Richard Bush, Neil feels MAME should stay in one piece. Read about it Here.
Very exciting (sort of) news from PSYke team. They have stamped a release date on this PSX Emulator. From what I can gather, you can only see demos with this Emulator, so thats not long lasting fun, but its a good start. The date is June 19th which is just 3 days away.
Have you been reading all along just to read the exclusive news? Well here they are... I have learned from Bartman himself that 3 of the New games WILL be added to the System 16 DirectX port in this release!. The new games are Aurail, Alex Kidd and Flash Point. I tell you this Emu keeps looking better and better.

Thats it for tonight, till tomorrow dudes, thanks for reading this far! :)


One Article Up: MAME .33B6 is here!
One Article Down: Neil Bradley, pioneer, InterViewed

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