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EV News - Nothing! - June 26, '98 by JoseQ
Today has got to be the most boring day ever for EmuViews. No updates in the whole day, and the worst part is, I've been looking for news the whole day! I have some good news though more for me than for you, but you will benefit from it. So lets get to it...
First things first... The only tidbit of news I could find from all my bookmarks to emulators sites today is that the NSFE (N64 emulator) Project page, put up a new logo on their page. Its a really cool N from Nintendo rendered in 3D and rotating. Nothing new as far as the emulators there are concerned...
The good news is that Atila from Retrogames has found a new provider that will probably be the answer to all my server down, speed and space problems I've been having with my current provider. I may not move at all, but I will definitely spread mirrors all over the place to provide an overall faster connection to all my ROMs and multiple servers for the most popular downloads.
In the coming days we will probably see the new, all improved, DirectX version of System16. Complete with support for 4 new games which I might say look good and are a lot of fun. Bartman mentioned this weekend as target for the release. Lets see if we see it by tomorrow morning. (He's very good at what he does, so it should be there just in time).
The MAME Dev Mailing list was down for a few days, and that may be the reason why a new MAME hasn't popped out yet after ten days of the latest version. So this weekend may also mark the day for Beta 7 of MAME. Who knows, right?
Org2 from ROMLIST also mentioned he might release a new ROM tonight if everything goes well. And that it might be another BIG release. So be prepared for something... I suspect Neo Geo of course. They have been very popular lately.
Another ROM was found today by Atila. (At least he provided it to me). This time, Area88 for Callus. It is still not available in my ROMs page because of what I wil explain below. I have still to check out this game, but at least it sounds good. :)
As usual, the server was down for 6 hours. After 10 more hours I have still received no information as to what the heck happened and I also don't have shell access yet. Another reason why I may move to the new provider completely. The experience with the tech support people has been good, but moments like this makes anyone reconsider...
Thanks for reading up to here dudes/dudettes! I'll probably come back with some news, and yes, some InterViews during the weekend. I have some people queued up for InterViews already, but I have been too lazy or busy to send them questionaires. Hopefully this weekend will give me some time to breath. Hasta la vista!


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