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Sony on a roll... - May 17, '00 by JoseQ
In yet another victory for Sony Playstation emulation, 7 of 9 counts from Sony were dismissed yesterday in a ruling by a federal Judge in San Francisco. In a News Article posted at C|Net, details are available on what seems to be the norm on every lawsuit brought up by Sony. While Sony intends to pursue the remaining counts on 'trade secret' and 'unfair competition', Connectix is confident that they will go through this in the same positive fashion. While this can only spell good news for PSX emulators (ie. bleem!) I am still very interested in seeing what bleem! for the Dreamcast will bring to court given that much different from the previous attempts, this will actually be running on a console. Some interesting times definitely await for emulation and the law.

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Name: stratjakt Posted: Thursday, May 18, 2000 - (21:45)
Subject: the vgs decision
throwing out 7 of 9 means keeping 2 of the charges, and you only need 1 to stick to keep the thing off of store shelves.

as for the viability of bleemcast.. it seems aimed at 'improving' playstation games, not merely emulating them.
It'd also be a heck of a piracy tool with no copy protection. hella easier than a mod-chip, not that you or i would condone such activities.

but, for the cost of the 4 disks one could get a real playstation and play every game.

just remember, we've all been burned by bleem in the past. ill reserve decision till i see the thing in my living room.

no way in hell am i paying one more red cent for any future pc releases, though. i been waitin a year and have yet to actually play a psx disc on my pc. i seen sum neat doodles and spend hours trying to configure my joystick but it seems i dunt own any crappy enuff games for it to run playably. such is life.

lets face it, they developed the thing on our dollar, and now that it works, they turn it into something more commercial and QUADRUPLE bill us for it. why couldnt the PC version read the same 'game codes' as the dreamcast version?

anyhoo, all this jazz about playin psx discs on my dreamcast... personally i see myself playing a hell of alot more Soul Calibur than i would Tekken. swappin the disks every time doesnt sound like much fun to me either. i think ill leave my psx hooked up till i got a psx2 to replace it.

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Name: SiE Posted: Thursday, May 18, 2000 - (5:07)
Subject: Bleemcast
To be honest I enjoy emulation of older games because I havent played them for so many years. I dont see the point of emulating the PS on my dreamcast as I bought the machine because I was bored of the PS1. In 5 or so years time I might want to return to some of the classic games. If I wanted to continue playing PS1 games now I would of kept the console.

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Name: Bantha Posted: Thursday, May 18, 2000 - (3:20)
Subject: 30 for you governer
I can get a second hand PSX for less than 30 now anyway, so isn't Bleemcast just going to end up shooting itself in the foot by limiting the games you can play with each release?

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Name: Rura Penthe Posted: Thursday, May 18, 2000 - (0:59)
Subject: Bleemcast
Sony made a claim in court that the emulation of VGS and Bleem! was not representative of the "full PSX experience" and was therefore damaging the PSX brand in their initial lawsuits... It seems Bleemcast will be much more open to such a claim since Bleem! is intentionally limiting the number of compatible games in each pack (to make more money? If you have games that are only supported if you get all 4 packs...thats $80).

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Name: nnooiissee Posted: Thursday, May 18, 2000 - (17:12)
Subject: Re: Bleemcast
but on the other hand, bleemcast will be 640 x 480 with antialiasing filter. why can't bleem sue sony for not providing the full bleemcast experiance--on psx or psx2?

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Name: Spamy Posted: Wednesday, May 17, 2000 - (22:39)
Subject: nah..
It's been going on for years.. remember the coleco adaptor that allowed for 2600 games to be played on it.. samething.. I don't think that Sony has a chance of anything there. Atari sued but lost.. if Sony files again same will happen


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Name: Phil Posted: Thursday, May 18, 2000 - (17:32)
Subject: Re: nah..
"It's been going on for years.. remember the coleco adaptor that allowed for 2600 games to be played on it.. samething.."

The Coleco adaptor was not an emulator; it was a chunk of hardware you strapped onto your Colecovision that let you play Atari games. The only parts of the Colecovision it made use of was the power supply, controllers, and audio/video outputs. It played every 2600 game ever made perfectly, because it was for all intents and purposes a strap-on 2600.

This is similar to the Sega Master System module for the Sega Genesis, and possibly to Sony's own scheme for PS2 backwards compatibility with the PSX.

"I don't think that Sony has a chance of anything there. Atari sued but lost.."

No, Colecovision settled out of court, paying Atari a lot of money. I wouldn't call that Atari "losing."

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Name: Phil Stroffolino Posted: Wednesday, May 17, 2000 - (17:48)
Subject: Bleemcast
Sony will have a stronger case against Bleemcast than Bleem, not because it's "for a console," but because Bleemcast is tied to specific games.

This is much harder to justify legally compared to generically emulating a hardware platform.

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