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Week In Review - August 10, '98 by JoseQ
Well yay, it started out as a slow week but it got fast at the end, and it had an awesome ending. Let me start by saying why I've been having some troubles with the multi-language site. Last saturday as I was about to install Linux, my Windows partitions suffered a complete formatting by some buggy FAT32 driver in Linux. As a result I lost all my e-mails, documents, source codes for my old games, most of my 3D Meshes, etc. etc. So you know if you were waiting for some e-mail from me, I lost your address, so send me some here.
So let's get it on as to what happened this week. Initially we had some great news reading about how System16 got full YM3438 support. This meant that some games, specifically the System18 games, will now have real sound emulated from the ROMs. No more samples for those games (Alien Storm among others).
As promised then, Psyke was released as well as a closely following VooDoo2 patch for some people with problems. I've heard mixed comments as to how Psyke is working with most people not getting many games to work at all. If you've had a good experience with it, please let me know.
Later in the week, the NeoRAGE team decided to Show some more screenshots from upcoming releases at ROMLIST. These were from games like Waku Waku 7, Fatal Fury Real Bout, and Shock Trooper.
After that we had some slow days and news about Retrocade Betas, Neo Geo ROMs, and Renegade were posted. Renegade is very close to being fully working and should be around in one of the next MAME betas.
Finally, after a long hiatus, Dtmnt came back with a new release. It was supposed to be a faster release and with a little more support for sound. This was the first of 3 releases during the week! You can download any of the 3 versions at our Emulators Page.
Also, we were very proud to be included in a magazine article. The magazine is called Edge and is distributed in the UK. Emulation Experience owner was kind enough to scan the article and post it so we could all read it. It is five pages long and touches some interesting points about MAME and emulation in general.
After much debate about why would Retrocade exists, I decided to write something up and came up with the Top 5 Reasons why Retrocade exists, and why you will like it. If you still have your doubts read it. I've played it, and I love it. It looks like it will be everyones favorite emulator (that's my opinion).
Mr. Koot of Snes9X fame, Released a Windows beta version of his great SNES emulator. This had some features disabled but they will be fully working and available once the final version comes about in a few weeks.
We had our first InterView since we were shutdown! DanB talked with us about his experiences writing emulators, working in different projects, the laws around emulation and MAME. Read this very interesting InterView. Thanks to Dan for his time in answering all those questions.
Incredibly enough, and a short time after the Release Candidate, MAME was released. This version is virtually identical to the previous RC1 release. It includes a much better Wonder Boy in Monster Land driver which I tested last night. Its still slow, and sound was very buggy, but this time it is very playable as all the graphics are there. I'm looking forward to playing this game entirely. Other than that, no ROMs were changed.
And as if that weren't a good enough of an ending, Shane R. Monroe of Insert Coin decided to begin transmission. RetroRadio came about last night for the first time. It is a Real Audio show that is scheduled to last about 10 minutes every week. It will feature video game profiles, trivias and a weekly update. This is one great idea many people tried to capitalize on, and was done greatly by the big Coin, with style and finesse. If you have listened to it two times or less, pay him a visit, it is worth your while.
That's it for this weekly update. There are many news floating around and I will be updating during the day as always. Thanks for reading!

One Article Up: MAME32 0.33 has been released!
One Article Down: RetroRadio begins transmitting!

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