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Anders InterViewed! - May 19, '98 by JoseQ
R.A.G.E. is yet another Dynamic Duo of emulation. They are responsible for the awesome Real Arcade Game Emulator that played IREM games like R-type and others. More recently, they came out with NEO R.A.G.E. which is a Neo-Geo emulator. This is part I of a two part InterView with Anders from the R.A.G.E. team. Please take into consideration this InterView started previous to the NEO-R.A.G.E. release, so the subject is not covered here. So let the Q's begin:

1. What is your favorite one-liner reply to lamers asking you how to use your emulator?
I'm usually trying to answer them but I know I shouldn't, They should read the readme files more.

2. Users always complain about how they would like certain things done. How would you rate yourself on how much you take them into consideration?
Sometimes it could be really annoying depending of what they say, but if it is things to make a better emulator, we always listen but we are unfortunately not implementing all those things. We must make some priority depending of what we think is fun because we don't have so much time to program. And for all people that are wondering of sound in the latest IREM games, it is unlikely that we will have sound in them for a long time because the sound CPU is encrypted and they are all encrypted in different ways so it is too time consuming to solve it at least for now.

3. If people would like to help, what would be the best way?
Graphics stuff to a GUI or our homepage for example. We dont need help with Rage coding.

4. What are the latest public news on R.A.G.E. and when should we expect any movement?
We have two IREM games playable but there are some minor glitches in them and one Data East game. But I dont think a release is comming so soon, we want to make our NeoRAGE a bit better first.

5. Is there any point in R.A.G.E. in which you could both sit down and say... "Ahhh... R.A.G.E. is... DONE!"? If yes, what do you want to see in that "final" version?
Yes it is! I want sound in all games, vesa support, sidewinder support and of course at least R-Type LEO in it too.

6. Why IREM, Capcom, and SNK? Are they similar hardware based games? Or are they simply your favorite?
They are not similar at all, they are just our favorite companies. First it was only Capcom and SNK but when we saw what really GREAT games IREM had, we decided to do them as well. And I must say I like them best. I think they have a lot of variation in their games.

7. What are good backgrounds to know before anyone can think about getting into Emulation? Are hardware knowledge required, desired or non-important?
I think hardware knowledge are important if you want to do an emulator from scratch, you must be patient and have good assembler knowledge to make things easier.

8. What kind of hardware do you ride on?
I have a Pentium running at 200mmx and a Matrox Mystiqe with 4 mb.

9. Not counting R.A.G.E., which one is your favorite emulator and why?
MAME is my absolute favorite but there are lot of good emulators out there and Raine is on his way to be a fantastic emulator.

10. Do you think it is best if developers write their code in low end machines so they have that average user feeling and devote into optimization or do you think there's pretty much no room for improvement in terms of code efficiency in current emulators out there?
No, I dont think it has any difference what system you develop on, some like optimization and some don't care. For me optimization is fun so I will always try to do fast code.

11. What do you think about the Emulators and the thin line where they stand on whereas they're legal or not?
They are legal.

I think this should be enough for now. Thank you very much for your time!

Stay tuned for part two of this Interview when both authors answer another set of questions.

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