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ROMLIST InterViewed! - May 22, '98 by JoseQ
Standing at the Root of Emulation are the sites from were the ROMs are born, or dumped to be exact. Without ROM dumping, every type of emulation would be virtually impossible. Thanks to ROMLIST, a site run by OrG & CaBBe, many emulators like the popular NeoRAGE have come to existence. This is why, we dedicate some time to take a look at ROMLIST, from OrGs point of View.

1. First of all, can you tell us how ROMLIST came about? What made you start it?
I think it was CALLUS that basically made me get in contact with CaBBe. I called him and asked him if he was able to find some of those "wanted games" that were in the README.TXT for Callus. And The rest is history. Or if it was the OUT RUN rom's for Thierry Lescot... I don't remember, both of them came at the same time. However, the thing was that at that time Cabbe wanted to make some more dumps since he discovered that the dumps actually got emulated (thanks to Sardu who was FAST sometimes). And we wanted to get a place where we could get all these requests of roms. Or at least we wanted to see the tendencies of which games that was demanded. this was when romlist@hotmail.com was created. But after 2-3 days I discovered that it was to much mails comming there. So I decided to start ROMLIST at the WEB, and the rest is history... and after that, I and Cabbe has been flooded by nerdmails EVERY day :)

2. When was it?
This happened about last summer or begining of the Autumn. Personaly I've been using MAME for about 1-2 months or so at that time. But We didn't start the SITE until november 23rd last year.

3. Can you briefly talk to us about what you do for a living today, and other responsabilities you have during the day?
I'm an AASE (Certified Apple Technician). So basically I'm doing service jobs at Apple Products + repairing Notebooks.

4. How come you still have time to work on ROMLIST?
Got no idea! Mostly Luck and a Fiancee that doesn't complain about I'm spending time with the computer. But I recognise that I spend more time with my 5 months old Daughter than with the Computer.

5. Do you make any money from ROMLIST?
Not a single cent. I would probably make a lot's of money If i used this "click on 6 banners and get the first letter on the 6th row"-password site idea. But I don't like this thing myself so I won't include it either. ROMLIST cost's me a helluva of money and time, and CaBBe is spending even more time than me with doing the dumps.

6. I guess as most of us Web writers, we prefer working on our pages than doing most of the other things. Can you guys describe why that happens?
I'm a quite unique guy, I'm not doing anything with ROMLIST from my work at all... But I'm constantly on IRC instead. In my case I'm just concerned of keeping ROMLIST updated, but I don't want to overwork with it. That would probably make me bored of it.

7. Can you describe the process from wanting a ROM to having a ROM @ ROMLIST?
Usually when I get a "request" mail that seems to be serious, I try to find it that the other known sites. If that fails,I call Cabbe and ask him if he got it available. If he has it, it usualy takes 1-2 weeks + 2-3 extra calls to remind him about that game before it's dumped. If he doesn't have it, the Request goes into the WANTED LIST at romlist.

8. What are your thoughts on the legality of Emulation in general?
The talk about "busting" sites is as much bullsh*t as it was during the golden AMIGA years when ppl was talking about busting all BBS'es here in Sweden and so on.... I don't belive in actions like these. As 99% of all other probably have thought I wonder why the companies don't release the Hardware specs for the OLD games. I think they will win respect for it and as well make sure their game is saved for the future.

9. How about ROM distribution? This is the part of emulation that resides in the thinnest part of the rope. What do you think about distributing ROMs, is it legal?
As illegal as it gets.

10. Have you been contacted by any of the manufacturers, or IDSA in general?

11. Does the fact of being in Sweden help you be more comfortable doing it?
Nah, except for that the NeoGeo emu authors are from sweden, so we can talk the same language (not C++) and understand each other. I think this is the best thing with it.

12. Your NERD Mail section, is pretty darn funny... Do you really get many nerdmails every day? Or how often do you get them?
Each day I get about 3-4 mails that I would classify as NERDMAILS. Personally I like the nerdmail section. As far as it is now I've only got ONE mail that is negative about nerdmails, that mail is the last mail in that page. You can see that Here.

13. About how many mail notes in general do you process each day?
Depends on what has happened. When CaBBe decided to resign I got about 70-80 mails the first two days. I usualy read the mails at my job, and then at home. I try to answer those that I either think needs an answer or those that are urgent. I happens VERY often that I forgets mails.

14. Did creating a nerd mail section lower down your nerd mail volume?'
Absolutely, This was the best thing I could do.

15. Whats coming up next at ROMLIST?
I'm planning to move the ROM section of ROMLIST to a new server. Which would give me better ability to administrate it and aswell configurate it. I'm still looking for someone that can write a CGI script that can read DBASE files. I want to put Jan Axhell's DBASES at the net as searchable archives. I still haven't come anywhere with my idea of making a "EMU Tech / Programming" section at romlist. I wanted to make a section where i could have progamming issues and so on. I hope I will get more time to do this in a near future.

16. How can people help ROMLIST if they want?
Pay our phonebills, send ME whiskey, make emu's out our dumps. And especially, find boards and DUMP the roms.. and send them to me! and most of all MAKE EMULATORS out of the roms we got!... I would love seing CPS2 Games, NBA JAM, and BUGGY CHALLENGE emulated.... + Hard Driving aswell...

17. What would you like to express to the reading public out there, about anything at all?
Without my basic obsession for MAME, romlist would never have existed! And without CABBE; CALLUS, RAGE, RAINE and other EMU's would still be in the early Beta stage, and ROMLIST would never have existed either.

Another great feature at ROMLIST are the message boards. They have the very first Message Board about NeoRAGE and you can go to that if you click Here. I hope you liked this InterView. You can contact Me or OrG & CaBBe with comments.

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