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UltraHLE - N64 Emulator! - January 28, '99 by JoseQ
You have read about it at Emulator's Unlimited. You have been hinted at Retrogames. I gave you a few hints and tips at the Rumor Mill, and although I might have sent you into the future regarding its release... The future is now. An unprecedented emulator has been developed secretly by RealityMan and Epsilon. Two unknown programmers who have achieved very good results with Nintendo 64 emulation. You may download the premiere version of this emulator from the Emulators Page right now. As many of you may be asking yourself right now. What is so great about the Ultra High Level Emulator? Well I'll elaborate.
This is the first publicly available emulator, able to play Nintendo 64 games like Super Mario 64 and The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. Two of the best games of all time emulated at great speeds and quality. It achieves playable speeds on not so high-end systems like a Pentium 233 while a Pentium II 300 will give you the full show. It even plays stereo sound, both music and sound effects. All in all, you can basically play Mario 64 on a PII-300 just like if you were playing on the real thing. It does require a 3dfx (Glide compatible) accelerator card though. And actually, it may look even better than your average TV, since you will be playing at higher resolutions.
Questions arise as to what the Big N can do? Well, while there is nothing ilegal about an emulator like this, Nintendo is definitely not going to be happy. They have been doing a good job at closing down N64 ROM distribution pages, and sincerely, they should keep doing it. Neither Nintendo, the authors of the emulator or myself, condone the public distribution of these files to people who do not own the games themselves. Games that are still available for purchase, should be purchased if you want to enjoy them. We all know N64 games are widely available, so if you find any interest in some of those games, I encourage you to go buy them. I bought a N64 myself not so long ago, just to play Zelda, and Mario which I received the same day as the emulator. So needless to say, you will not find ROMs for this emulator here.
As you can imagine, there is no affiliation between this emulator and Nintendo. However, development of this emulator should continue and eventually completed. More news regarding this great emulator will be posted here as they develop. Last but not least, here are some screenshots for you to see what it's capable of doing. You can notice the different the games look in higher resolution. Obviously since this is 3dfx based, the 2d images don't look as sharp as they do on the Nintendo 64. This is it boys and girls, what many thought impossible by now, has been done.

Screen Shots

The Legend of Zelda
Mario 64

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