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Jamsponge InterViewed! - February 20, '99 by JoseQ
One of the most constantly released emulators in the last few days have been Jamsponge's HU6280. The latest news have brought us the Windows version of this PC Engine / Turbografx16 emulator. Read on this InterView, to find out what the future of HU6280 looks like. Released source? CD Emulation? You may find out what you want to know in this InterView with Jamsponge.

1. Can you introduce yourself and tell us a little how you became a fan of emulation?

I first became a fan of emulation when I got a c64 emu for my Amiga, I loved my c64 , but had to sell it to get my amiga. So it was kewl for me to still be able to run my software.

2. What triggered you to start working on HU6280?

Erm, seeing Magic Engine, and I`m paranoid my pc-engine is gonna breakdown one day.

3. Why did you choose PCE/TG16?

Quite simply because its the best console system I`ve ever known!

4. How long have you been working on it? What were the major barriers that had you stuck the most?

Ohhh.. I`ve been working on it for about 9 months now, on and off.

5. Whats planned for the future releases? Do you think you're getting close to the end of life for that project and start a new one?

Basically I plan to get it 100% compatible, add cd-emulation etc. then I`ll release the source code so it can be ported to every platform under the sun.

6. Will we see TG16 CD emulation? What would be a good approximation as to when?

Yes, I`m working on it, still looking for more CD donations though... :) you`ll see it this year.

7. What other systems would you like to work on if you were done with HU6280 and had lots of free time?

I`d quite like to emulate some arcade titles after this...

8. Where do you think console emulation in general is moving? Are there still new technologies not being exploited in areas that could be improved?

People seem to be trying new things , dynamic recompilation is a nice trick , but for old systems like pc-engine where you have so many interrupts kicking off all of the time, I`m not sure these types of technologies would help with speed as much as they do on say psx and n64 emulators. Hu6280 is written almost entirely in C , so the only real way to speed it up is by getting off my arse and doing some x86 coding (which I hate btw).

9. What do you think will be the outcome of legal battles like the recent Connectix vs. Sony deal, and the speculated Nintendo vs. UltraHLE?

Well, If people have done their emulators legally , with no official documentation, I can`t see how they can be illegal. I`m interested to see the outcome of these cases... Personally, I think emulation is legal, but PIRACY is most certainly not.

10. If you were to change anything in the emulation scene, what would you change and why?

I just wish the warez freaks and rom beggers would just go away, and leave us alone.
Thanks go to Jamsponge for taking the time to answer these questions and let us know what the plans are for his emulator. You may want to direct yourself to E-Mail Wars #41 where ManBeast interviews Jamsponge as well. Thanks for reading!

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