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Rumor Mill II - February 24, '99 by JoseQ
Well, rather than update, I will just write up a new article to make sure you don't miss these bits that I found. For that I just created a new little icon so that it wouldn't be twice on the page. However, it is still wednesday, so why not send some more rumors your way, eh? I finally heard from one of my favorite emulators and I'm very pleased with the info I received, and then some more status reports.
To start with the Rumor Mill again, the Qman has learned that even though we havent had a release of M72 since October (believe it or not), the emulator is far from dead. In fact, the development has continued with the building of a faster core. Instead of having the old C core under the hood, the next release will house a brand new ASM based core, which is sure to speed the performance up for those great games. I know we're all looking forward for those new M92 games, but faster R-type alone should be enough for those of you, shooter fans.
Speaking of speed, good old Larry Bank has informed me that Cage keeps on getting speed gains with recently Dig Dug and Pengo becoming playable on a 486-66. I know most of us would have to dig up our graveyard to get a 486-66, but there are many little brothers, and parents running on those vapor based machines. I know my dad like these kind of news. However, he will probably not be very happy about the next ones.
Jrok has informed the Q, that the new JAS emulator, JAS-SYS1 is still on schedule for a release in two days. That's right, friday should mark the day when the public can stop looking at Pacmania screenshots, and start playing the game. However, rumor has it that your system will have to be pretty strong if you want to have the whole Pacmania experience. Think about a PII-350 for all the music, sfx and graphics to move along at the designed speed. And hey, Galaga '88, Q says wait a little longer.
Another quick rumor I just remembered. Rumor has it that EmuNews Service is coming back with a vengeance. Not only have I heard that it will be revamped into a whole new design, it will come back with a friendly URL and non-AOL hosting powers. So expect to get to Emunews easier than ever, and with a whole new set of looks. Now you may be wondering when as well. The Qman has digged out a date for you, and what I hear is that as soon as this weekend! Be prepared for a nice comeback!
Well that's pretty much it for rumors this week. If I get any more, I may update again. Releases this week? As if JAS-SYS1 won't be enough this friday, that will pretty much be it. Other than minor update releases, don't expect Reality 2 to be playable for at least two more weeks. MAMEnet? It'll be some time, don't hold your breath. It's a great concept, but very difficult to integrate into the official dev branch. As Neil said in his InterView, it will be some weeks before we get Retrocade. That pretty much wraps it up. Thanks for reading The Rumor Mill!

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