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Monday, November 27, 2000
DOS RockNES News! (0 messages)
With the Macintosh release of RockNES still fresh in the news, the Home Page of this emulator got updated for a second time today with news about it's progress. The 'secret' mapper that appeared in the last release assigned to #48 is there to support another dump of "Super Mario Bros. 2 Japanese". However, this game [...more]
New Mimic HWC! (0 messages)
None other than Mimic man, Michael Beaver, has updated the Mimic website with news about a newly available HWC file for the Sega Master System driver. This file has more carts added, and changed interrupt values to improve compatibility. There's also some talks in the update about speed ups in the vertical games thanks [...more]
FreezeSMS? (0 messages)
We might not have had a release of FreezeSMS as previously rumored on the latest Rumor Mill, but there has been an update on the site that is interesting to say the least. The update reads only: "11 '00". Quickly enough however, my agents have sent in reports assuring me that there would be a release tomorrow. How accurate [...more]
Mac RockNES 1.600! (0 messages)
The Mac port of RockNES is out and available for download from Richard Bannister's Software page. This puts the Mac version up to par with the latest DOS version of this popular NES emulator. Also in today's release is a program called "ROM Info Bundle" which is obviously of use to NES emulation fans. Enjoy! [comments]
Sunday, November 26, 2000
AdriPSX 00.11.24! (1 messages)
A new version of AdriPSX comes out as promised, just a bit over a week after the previous release. You can download version 00.11.24 from the Emulator Download Page! This version adds two player support, PSEmu's Pad Plug-in support, improved music and sound emulation, a bit faster GTE emulation, a correction in the [...more]
New PSinex release! (0 messages)
Version 0.34 of PSinex came out earlier today. Being this the first time I post about PSinex, I must state that it is a Sony Playstation emulator in early development. This version adds some GTE Implementation and new log files for easier debugging. However, there's no support for commercial games yet although all BIOS [...more]
Steem version 1.3! (0 messages)
More emulators from computer oldies are updated; the latest update coming from Steem Engine, the Atari ST Emulator. You can get version 1.3 from the Emulator Download Page. Today's release includes bug fixes in: MIDI In, Illegal Instruction Exceptions, IKBD Mouse Off bug, minor blitter bug. It also adds keyboard shortcuts [...more]
YAPE 0.25! (0 messages)
Attila graces us with a new version of his Commodore Plus/4 emulator, YAPE, which is actually hosted right here at EmuViews. This new version comes packed with selectable speed, a nicer quickdebugger, multicolor mode bug corrected, improvements on emulator snapshot load/save, potential crashes fixes and more. Check out [...more]
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