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Wednesday, November 29, 2000
The Rumor Mill! (29 messages)
Howdy folks! It is time once again to post another edition of The Rumor Mill here at EmuViews! This edition is probably going to be shorter than the last few ones thanks to me being late gathering the agent reports, but nevertheless it brings good and interesting news for you. I have some news on SMOG, Raine32, DCGenerator, [...more]
NeoPocott News! (0 messages)
It seems the NeoPocott Website is picking up speed with yet another update today detailing multiple aspects of this emulator. First, a work in progress report stating what's coming into this next release. Among those, you should see added interrupt, DMA, timers code, better sync. Since Judge joined the team, they are [...more]
Sound on FPSE? (0 messages)
It can be true tomorrow? A mysterious update over at the FPSE website seems to point out that there might be a release tomorrow, and that it will feature sound. A bunch of sound file formats are mentioned, and then the question of wanting to listen to sound is posted. Check it out and interpret what you will from the [...more]
Mimic News! (1 messages)
And where would we be without a Mimic update for today? Beavermeister has updated his website today with news about a new VDP and HWC for "Space Invaders". Also, he seems to have worked out the mysteries behind the Sega System E problems. A change in the memory mapping system has allowed him to make unique specifications [...more]
Tuesday, November 28, 2000
Pocket NeoPocott? (2 messages)
Good news arise from the Neopocott regarding it's existence in the excellent portable platform provided by today's Pocket PC devices, such as the Compaq iPaq among others. It appears there's an anonymous author working on the port and while remaining in anonimity, we will learn about his progress from the Neopocott home [...more]
Apollo Delayed... (0 messages)
It seems that the Nintendo 64 emulator, Apollo will not be released this week as previously mentioned. An update at the site by Azimer touches on the topic saying that there are still some parts missing in order for a release happen. However, he also mentions that there should be another update at the website before [...more]
FreezeSMS Released! (0 messages)
It seems my reporter wasn't far off at all. A new release of FreezeSMS is out today! You can get it from the Emulator Download Page! I've reported about it enough to not actually know how much stuff is going into this release, however you may want to know that it has full Voice support, which means it also has sound [...more]
New ZSNES! (1 messages)
A new version of the wonderful SNES emulator ZSNES has been released! You can get both the Windows and DOS ports from the Emulator Download Page right now! This new version includes improved netplay functionality with support for nicknames and longer in-game chat strings! 32-bit color desktops running the Windows version [...more]
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