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Friday, December 01, 2000
Neopocott Gets Speedy! (5 messages)
The NeoPocott website was updated today with great news! The emulator got a huge speed-up thanks to Mic, whom is the previously anonymous coder working on the PocketPC port of the same emulator. Mic got to rewrite many of the bitmap blip code, and now the emulator is 350
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faster than it was before! This means that the [...more]
NES on Java with Sound! (0 messages)
Nescafe hits the scene! Nescafe is a Nintendo Entertainment System emulator written entirely in Java, which means it should work on any platform where Java is supported (pretty much everything). This is also the first NES emulator in Java that has sound, this time done with the Java Sound API which should work on any [...more]
SMOG Makes it official! (5 messages)
The SMOG website was updated yesterday with information you already knew if you read The Rumor Mill on Wednesday. The author of this emulator has received the full V60 documentation. However he states what was implied in The Rumor Mill, System32 and Sega Model 1 emulation are now within reach! He's incorporating all [...more]
Thursday, November 30, 2000
FreezeSMS Build 100! (2 messages)
A new version of FreezeSMS has been released! You can download it from the Emulator Download Page! This new release comes to us with much liked ZIP file support, better noise emulation, and decreased latency in sound. Also included in this release is support for Save States which you can access by hitting F3 to save [...more]
Dorsola hits 60! (2 messages)
Now don't be scared. Dorsola isn't 60 years old, but he has sent in three more ReViews, getting his total up to 60! Considering that I have 224 entries in the ReViews Area, it is quite amazing that one person has single handedly added more than 25
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of it! Major kudos going to Dorsola for being incredibly consistent with [...more]
New Laser News! (1 messages)
Well, weird enough, there's only news about a new Laser, since the download link isn't available on the page. Maybe it appears later so watch out for it. However, there's a mention of what's new in it: "Lupin III" is now supported, "Boot Hill" is playable (although the characters are not visible) and the game "Clowns" [...more]
Amiga Forever 4.0! (2 messages)
I received a note from Cloanto overnight about a new version of Amiga Forever. For those unfamiliar with the package, Amiga Forever is an "all-in-one emulation and connectivity solution officially licensed by the Amiga Companies". That said, this new version includes: GlowIcons look, Amiga Explorer 4.0, Directory Opus [...more]
Project 51 Beta #4! (0 messages)
I had been awaiting the next release of this Nintendo emulator, and it's finally here. Project 51 has been updated to Beta #4 and you can download it from the Emulator Download Page right now! There's not much information available about what has changed since the previous release, but since it has been almost a month [...more]
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