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Tuesday, December 05, 2000
New Hu-Go! (0 messages)
A new version of Hu-Go! has been released! You can download version 1.99b from the Emulator Download Page. New in this version is the new Kernel that I've mentioned a few times in the Rumor Mill. There's no details in the documentation about what you should expect from this change, but you should try it out and find out. Enjoy! [comments]
MAME 0.37b10! (11 messages)
As suspected, a new version of MAME was released today by Nicola. You can download the new binary from the Emulator Download Page. right now! There's a whole lot of new games in this release as you probably saw earlier in the multiple MAME WIP updates during the past few weeks. As usual, here's the list of new games [...more]
MESS 0.37b9! (0 messages)
And finally, MESS gets up to date with the latest MAME release! You can get version 0.37b9 from the Emulator Download Page. This version includes two new drivers: "CoCo 2B" and "Euro PC". You should still find many broken things due to the memory changes in MAME which have still yet to stabilize. That is also probably [...more]
Monday, December 04, 2000
System32 Emulator! (43 messages)
Well, as it was rumored before on the 'scene' and on the Rumor Mill, the System32 emulator has been released as-is. The file has been posted on the Impact Emulator page (linked above). There is documentation available within the archive on how to set it up. I will be posting some of those games that are playable, most [...more]
U64Emu Update... (4 messages)
Well, not much news about the emulator, except of course that bwb had a shot at a beta version with sound and liked it a lot. Still, the emulator is undergoing testing, bug-fixing and cleaning but there's something else that you might be able to help with. RCP is looking for an icon for his emulator, so if you're talented [...more]
Mimic News! (0 messages)
How about starting today's news with an update from Mimic? Beaverman found an hour to work on his super project, and in doing so, he found out where the start buttons were on Sega's System E. They turned out to be different in some of the various boards for System E. There's a new screenshot being shown as well as more [...more]
Sunday, December 03, 2000
Nice NeoPocott News! (1 messages)
A very cool update happened today over at the NeoPocott website. The first two screenshots of the Pocket PC version of this emulator are shown right there, right now. While they originate from a PocketPC emulator on a PC, the author of the port already has the actual NeoPocott working on his iPaq (luckily, the same PocketPC [...more]
New Genital 68K! (0 messages)
Bart dropped us webmasters a note a few minutes ago about a new version of his very own, Genital 68K coding library. Version 0.1 adds support for different supervisor and user address spaces. It also has some changes in the address space functions, adds a Genital Null macro and some documentation fixes. If you're an [...more]
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