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Thursday, December 07, 2000
EmuViews Welcomes WinZippy! (7 messages)
I'm very happy to announce the newest person to join the EmuViews ReViewing staff: WinZippy. He joins the team with his first entry into the ReViews Area, an excellent ReView of the game PacLand. Be sure to check out the ReView and place your comments here. Although this game was not very popular for me, I do remember [...more]
fMSX 2.3! (3 messages)
Marat Fayzulling has released version 2.3 of his MSX emulator fMSX! This new release now contains FMPAC and GameMaster 2 emulation among other things. There's a whole bunch of other stuff added to this release which you can read from his Documentation page. Also, if you buy the Windows version you can get the DOS version for free! Thanks to Marat for the note. [comments]
More Mimic News! (1 messages)
There is an update at the Mimic website mentioning the good/bad news I posted in the Rumor Mill as well as some good news on the progress of the emulator. There's been some development done on the SystemE driver, resulting in a new screenshot from "Riddle" showing the background. Mike is having some trouble getting all [...more]
RockNES X 1.601! (0 messages)
Eek! I forgot to mention this in the Rumor Mill, but I guess it's too late for that. I did receive a report with an update on the Windows port of RockNES saying that it would come out this week, but I guess I made a booboo. Anyhow, what do you know. The Windows port jumped over the DOS port and it's based on an even [...more]
The Rumor Mill! (36 messages)
You know what time it is, and you know it's due. A new edition of The Rumor Mill is here for you! I want to congratulate my agents for this great week since this Mill is packed with goodies for everyone, so I wanted to first thank all the spy birds that helped me put this edition together. So what's in the bag? I've got [...more]
Wednesday, December 06, 2000
U64 1.15! (212 messages)
Update: I have uploaded version 1.15 as mentioned in the comments by RCP himself. This version fixes a timing problem that actually caused fast machines to play the game very slowly. Get this version if you're having this problem, or if you would like to adjust speed, which is also adjustable once again.
As if a new MAME [...more]
Apollo moves to another plane... (0 messages)
Apollo, the Nintendo64 emulator project that was expected to see commercial game emulation very soon, has actually moved way down in the list of priorities for Azimer. This might not be as bad as it sounds. But first, more bad news. Phrodite has left the project, and the emulation scene altogether, to move on to better [...more]
MAME 0.37b10 ROMs Online! (1 messages)
Sorry it took so long, but it's snowing here like crazy and it doesn't seem like it will stop anytime soon, nor that the temperature will go above freezing. Anyhow, I got home late, and finally found some time to post 24 of the newly supported games, along with their screenshots. Use your favorite section, either the [...more]
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