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Saturday, December 09, 2000
Bliss opens it's source! (2 messages)
Not only is Bliss, the first publically (freely) available Intellivision emulator that works, but it has also officially become an open source project. If you're interested in looking at the source code for this emulator, be sure to visit the site (on the link above) where a download is available. As you probably know, [...more]
New Project 51! (3 messages)
A new version of the school project with goals of emulating the NES, Project 51 has been released! You can download this new release from the Emulator Download Page. This new version was the project that was used as a demo yesterday. It's not perfect, but it has some improvements from the previous version, such as [...more]
PSinex 0.047! (0 messages)
A new version of the Playstations emulator known as PSinex has been released! You can download it from the Emulator Download Page! This version goes public mostly for testing to see how the emulator seems to be working out on different machines. Please be sure to contact the authors with feedback (e-mail addresses [...more]
Friday, December 08, 2000
New Genital 68K! (0 messages)
Bart dropped a few webmasters a note telling us about new release of Genital 68K. The new version of this Motorola 68000 library fixes a bug with register calling conventions as well as read & write handlers. If you're using this library in your emulation (or non-emulation) project, be sure to update to this latest version. Enjoy! [comments]
Bliss, the Intellivision Emu (6 messages)
As you probably know, Bliss had a release today, although the files were not available until later in the day due to an FTP in progress paired with a computer crash problem. A nice surprise that the author wanted to hold on until today, was that this emulator is coded in Java, so you should be able to get it working [...more]
Cool Site; CAESAR (0 messages)
I was just referred to this new emulation site that you just have to see. The amount of information in there is amazing to say the least, and trust me, that's an understatement. CAESAR, short for "Catalogue of Arcade Emulation Software - Absolute Reference", is a site that lives up to it's name. It has listings of so [...more]
Thursday, December 07, 2000
PSinex Update... (0 messages)
The PSinex website was updated with news about the latest developments at the camp. There's a new compatibility list posted as PSinex is finally able to play some freeware games! There's also some very nice looking screenshots as well as the always-nice message "Expect a NEW release soon". How soon this may happen I don't know, but this project is sure becoming cool fast. Check out the site for the goodies. [comments]
NeoPocott News! (0 messages)
A pretty lengthy update at the NeoPocott website has details on everything you could think about regarding this emulator. The PC version has improved compatibility including perfect intros for many games, frame window clipping fixes, more games in the database among other things. AmigaPPC users may be happy to learn [...more]
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