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Sunday, December 10, 2000
Hu-Go 1.99 for Windows! (0 messages)
The Windows port of Hu-Go! has been updated to version 1.99 today. You can download it from the Emulator Download Page. If you read about the latest DOS release from a few days ago, you know that this release incorporates a whole new kernel. And this Windows version is just a port of that latest release, so that's [...more]
Good and bad news... (0 messages)
I just got a note from Shane R. Monroe detailing some good news, as well as some bad news. Amiga Emulation along with The CD32 Zone have been closed due to 'sagging ad revenues'. However, since Shane will probably find himself with more time to devote to emulation, he has decided to bring Retro Gaming Radio back! There's [...more]
ePSXe 1.01! (3 messages)
Gee, when they said the new ePSXe release was near, I didn't think they meant today! Version 1.01 is available for download from the Emulator Download Page right now! As you know, there's a lot of new things in this version like a completely re-written MDEC engine, better timing, internal CD-ROM plug-ins, PSX mouse [...more]
MAME32 0.37b10! (7 messages)
MAME32 has been updated to the latest DOS version, 0.37b10! You can download this official release from the Emulator Download Page right now! This puts the Windows port in sync with the DOS version which was released earlier this week. Other than that, the windows source tree now has the ability to be compiled with the Borland compiler, and you can also now use GNU make instead of nmake. Enjoy! [comments]
Bliss 1.01! (2 messages)
A new version of Bliss has been released as well! This is labeled as the "Easier to use" version that sees the addition of a front-end (check out a screenshot here). You can get this new release from the Bliss home page, which is hosted here at EmuViews. If you previously downloaded the Win32 version, all you need [...more]
SegaEMU 0.52 released! (5 messages)
In conjunction with a site re-design inauguration, Atani has released version 0.52 of SegaEMU! You can download it from the Emulator Download Page right now! For those not familiar with this emulator, it is called SegaEMU for a reason. It succesfully emulates the Sega Genesis, SG-1000, and partially emulates Sega CD, [...more]
New ePSXe screenshots! (0 messages)
Want to drool over some new ePSXe screenshots? Then, head over to PSXemu and check out their news article on version 1.41! There's of course improved compatibility as you can see with games like "Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2", "Spiderman" and others. Bobbi also mentions that a new release is near, so that is something that [...more]
Saturday, December 09, 2000
YAPE 0.27! (1 messages)
Attila has released version 0.27 of YAPE, the Commodore Plus/4 emulator! This new version has support for PC Joystick without DirectX, a more accurate emulation of Commodore 16, ROM bank settings are now saved, sound bug fix, some CPU fixes among many other things. All this while having 3 exams this week! Can you believe [...more]
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