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Sunday, December 17, 2000
Mimic News... (0 messages)
Mike Beaver, author of Mimic was back from Canberra for the weekend and he found some time to update the website as he has made some progress on his emulator already! "Transformers" is now playable, although the graphics are still a bit messed up. However, you can find two screenshots from the game in action on the website. [...more]
Charles does PC Engine! (0 messages)
It just seems as if Charles MacDonald is a multi platform emulator all by himself! In his latest impressive work, he has managed to create a PC Engine emulator! If you visit his site you can take a look at a few screenshots from his work in progress emulator which already plays quite a number of games. He still doesn't [...more]
U64 1.16! (4 messages)
RCP has released a new version of U64, the Killer Instinct hardware emulator (currently plays only that game). You can download it from the Emulator Download Page. New in this release is improved speed, faster FMV synced at 30 frames per second, faster 3D Levels and fixes for the shadows. Overall a greater playing [...more]
InterView with Kyle Davis! (26 messages)
As you probably know, Bliss recently rocked the emulation scene, being the first publically and freely available Intellivision emulator. The author, Kyle Davis, was very happy to allow to be InterViewed here at EmuViews. So, if you want to learn more about this emulator, just read on! Here it is, an InterView with Kyle [...more]
Saturday, December 16, 2000
Past-O-Rama update! (0 messages)
In the first update in over four months, the Past-O-Rama now has news about the latest happenings regarding this SG-1000 emulator. For starters, it's going through a complete re-write, and already it has "Safari Hunt" up and running. The new goals for this emulator is that version 0.03 offers 99.9
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compatibility rate [...more]
AdriPSX with netplay soon! (0 messages)
Roor (AdriPSX programmer) and Bobbi (AdriPSX Webmaster) have completed quite possibly the longest update ever to appear on the AdriPSX website. It comes as no surprise as the topic is quite exciting! The previously unannounced feature to appear on the next AdriPSX is nothing less than full Network Play! This will allow [...more]
Onlines NES Emulator! (2 messages)
Based on the grounds set by Norbert Kehrer's Java Arcade Emulator comes ONE, a Java based Nintendo Entertainment System emulator you can use from your browser. Currently, this new emulator supports mappers 0, 1, 2 and 3 but the author says the compatibility should increase soon. You can find a nice selection of games [...more]
Friday, December 15, 2000
CPS-2 Progress! (19 messages)
Amazing news originating from the CPS-2 Shock website! If you visit their Work In Progress (WIP) page you will be glad to find out they have created a piece of software that is able to decode the "Street Fighter Zero" program ROM! While there still work left to be done before everything can be encrypted, this is already [...more]
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