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Sunday, December 24, 2000
Dirt Cheap Hot Rods!? (12 messages)
Want a Hanaho'sHot Rod real cheap? Computer's Worth is selling itfor half the original price! You can get a Hot Rod SE for $99.00 dollarsplus shipping! That's even lower than what I paid for the giveaways!So if you want to save some dough, and get the best Arcade stick there is,be sure to stop by and get your order in! Enjoy while it lasts! Thanks to Retrogames for the news. [comments]
Saturday, December 23, 2000
U64 1.17! (4 messages)
A new version of U64Emu, the "Killer Instinct" emulator has been released! You can download version 1.17 from the Emulator Download Page right now! Remember this is still a beta release, and it might crash your system, so be sure to save everything you are doing before trying it out. There are a few changes, fixes [...more]
Bliss WIP (0 messages)
The Bliss website was updated today with news about it's DirectX 8.0 progress among other things. As mentioned in the Rumor Mill, the author has been working on the full screen modes through Microsoft's DirectX, however, this resulted in a caveat. Java cannot read the keyboard input while DirectX is being used, thus [...more]
Friday, December 22, 2000
FUSE 0.2.1 (0 messages)
Another first timer for EmuViews, and the first Spectrum Emulator I post about in over 6 months! The emulator is FUSE, which stands for "Free Unix Spectrum Emulator". You can download it from the Emulator Download Page. You can check the FUSE website to see what it does and what it doesn't know. But you'll best get [...more]
NGine Release! (4 messages)
The first version of NGine has been released! For those still unfamiliar with the project, NGine is a port of Snes9X for the Dreamcast! Version 0.24 doesn't have sound or game saving, however it has what's called the 'ngine' shell, which should be fun to play with, provided you have a Dreamcast. It also has pretty decent [...more]
Thursday, December 21, 2000
Genital news... (0 messages)
Some not so hot news coming from the Genital website today... The tile-based engine which was supposed to be much faster, ended up being slower than the line engine! However, some optimizations in the tile renderers did result in some speed improvements over version 1.0. As mentioned in the Rumor Mill just last night, [...more]
Daily NeoPocott Report! (4 messages)
The NeoPocott website was updated again today, this time with real result numbers from the new graphic engine optimizations by Mic. Would you believe a near 60
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improvement in frames per second on a Pentium 3 running at 733MHz. The update also lists some changes going into the various ports, such as: FPS Counter, and [...more]
D@Z adds ReViews! (0 messages)
For those of you who haven't checked out the ReViews section recently, you might not know that D@Z Wall has posted a number of new ReViews. The latest few include titles such as: "Chicken Shift", "Pole Position", "Star Castle" among others. D@Z has contributed quite a number of ReViews since he joined the staff, so major kudos for them. Be sure to check them out! [comments]
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