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Friday, January 05, 2001
NeoPocott News! (2 messages)
A couple of updates as usual over at the NeoPocott website. Since I last mentioned it in the news, a new Linux screenshot appeared there along news from the BeOS, Dreamcast and DOS ports. Sega Dreamcast users will enjoy new Discjuggler image from Brian Peek's website while the DOS version sees scanline modes to complement [...more]
New NLMSX! (0 messages)
A new version of NLMSX has been released to the public! You can download version 0.031 from the Emulator Download Page! While this is the first release in a couple of months, it comes with just a few changes. They are added support for ASCII 8 and 16KByte MEGAROMs and a lot of rewritten code related to configuration [...more]
J-Nes is alive! (0 messages)
Were you thinking that J-Nes had been forgotten? Think again! Jabo has not only updated the website, but also re-designed it for quick and easy loading. So what has happened? The author has actually been working on the emulator making changes, revisions and rewrites during the past year. There are still a few things [...more]
Thursday, January 04, 2001
Non-Stop Final Burn! (5 messages)
Back to his normal self it seems, as Dave releases a couple of new version of Final Burn which you can download from the Emulator Download Page! Actually I only uploaded version 0.063 which has the added Q-Sound for "Street Fighter Zero" (CPS-2) from version 0.062 and fixes a bug that was affecting mainly Hot Rod SE [...more]
Mac Generator v0.16 (0 messages)
Richard Bannister wrote this morning to tell about the newest release of Mac Generator which you can get from the Bannister Software page! This version is in sync with the latest sources from James, implements 3x, 4x and 5x video modes, stretched full screen video just like the Mac version of RockNES! That's just a handful [...more]
Wednesday, January 03, 2001
Final Burn 0.61! (24 messages)
Update: Version 0.061 was released later today with some cool changes and fixes. It is available for download as well.
The much awaited new version of Final Burn has been released! You can download it from the Emulator Download Page! Of course this version includes support for "Street Fighter Zero" (CPS2 Unencrypted [...more]
Tuesday, January 02, 2001
NeoPocott News! (0 messages)
Quite a lengthy update at the NeoPocott website! Judge continues with his very cool improvements since he joined the team, fixing a bug in the sprite rendering code, working on NeoGeo Pocket Classic emulation, cleaning up the CHG instruction among other things. Also on the webpage, news and rumors about the emulator's [...more]
Monday, January 01, 2001
Final Burn shows it's stuff! (11 messages)
In the latest update at the Final Burn website, Dave shows what he's capable of doing! Two screenshots of "Street Fighter Zero" (non changer version) are shown playing on Final Burn 0.53! It's shown as a work in progress version but that looks good enough to me! That's a great way to start the year eh? Kudos to Dave [...more]
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