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Monday, January 08, 2001
Hu-Go News... (1 messages)
The Hu-Go! news page was updated today with some news on the progress of this PC Engine emulator. It seems version 2.0 of Hu-Go! is nearing completion and it will include some nifty new features. In relation to HuC, the PC Engine C Compiler, a new system of .mod convertion is now under development. The author hopes to [...more]
NeoPocott News... (0 messages)
Here's the usual lowdown on what's going on with NeoPocott, the Neogeo Pocket Emulator. The Amiga DE and Amiga WarpUp ports may be seeing the light of day soon since Colin Ward has gotten back to work on them; the same for the Linux and BeOS port from Niels Wagenaar. On the Windows trunk, we see fixes in the debugger [...more]
Hot Rod Awarded... (17 messages)
I just wanted to take a brief moment to congratulate the "EmuViews Re-Design Contest" winner, Adam. He will be receiving his 'Hot Rod SE' unit shortly. As voted by the EmuViews visitors, Adam won by a narrow but noticeable margin of 2
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, which makes him the lucky owner of a Hot Rod. This doesn't mean that EmuViews will [...more]
Mimic Update... (3 messages)
Beaverman Mike Beaver updated the Mimic website just before leaving for the week to Canberra again to continue work on his job. However, he finally got a hold of a SystemE board which he has taken with him to study on his spare time. That should give him enough info to create an schematic and complete the SystemE puzzle. [...more]
Sunday, January 07, 2001
Genital 68K 0.2 Released! (1 messages)
Bart has released a new version of his Motorola 68000 emulator Genital 68K. You can get version 0.2 from the link above. New in this version is the register saving by API calls which help with optimizing compilers that were causing problems before. The ReadXXX and WriteXXX functions were slightly modified and there are [...more]
OverClocked does CPS2! (1 messages)
A new Overclocked episode was posted today regarding CPS-2 and the wave it has caused on the emulation scene. I think it was quite funny, and I'm proud that my site was shown there as part of the strip. In fact, the previous episode (posted on January 3rd) is also related to CPS-2 emulation, so be sure to check that one out as well. Thanks to kotatsuneko for the news. [comments]
HanaHo Products Out! (8 messages)
The HanaHo products I've been covering for some time in the Rumor Mill are now officially out! A press release for each of these cabinets have been made available. Here are direct links for the press releases for the ArcadePC Cocktail Cabinet, ArcadePC Mini-Pac Cabinet, Hot Rod SE / Monitor Combo. On other news, [...more]
JNes 0.40b1! (1 messages)
J NES has been updated to version 0.40b1 which you can download from the Emulator Download Page. Just two days from it's previous release and this version has a new sound method, PPU rendering has gone under a rewrite. This has the 'b' in it's release version because it is a beta version, so there's bound to be problems [...more]
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