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Sunday, January 14, 2001
FreezeSMS Build 111 (0 messages)
A new version of FreezeSMS has been released. You can download build 111 from the Emulator Download Page right now. This version fixes a lot of sound bugs, including improvements to the noise channel. The author plans to do a major rewrite to equip some functions with some things he needs in order to add a new feature [...more]
Saturday, January 13, 2001
Small RockNES Update... (3 messages)
A small update at the RockNES website, hosted here at EmuViews. Fx3 has fixed the MMC3 IRQs (mapper #4) which makes a lot of games work fine. There's no news on a possible release for this emulator, and the report for the Rumor Mill came up empty, so I wouldn't expect a new version to show up soon. Then again, Fx3 seems to be full of surprises every now and then, so who knows. [comments]
Two Updates at PSinex (0 messages)
The PSinex website was updated twice today as the author comes back from vacation. He has put some work onto the emulator, working on the CD implementation. A number of screenshots from games like "Warcraft II" and "Mortal Kombat Trilogy" are shown, although they come from the start-up screens. In the second update, [...more]
Genital 68K 0.21! (0 messages)
Bart Trzynadlowski has released a new vesion of his Motorola 68000 emulator, Genital 68K. Version 0.21 is available for download from the link above. If you're using this core, you will want to update to this new release since it fixes a bug that would cause the PC to crash. This is done in the Genital68KReadXXX and Genital68KWriteXXX function calls. Good luck! [comments]
Friday, January 12, 2001
More Hot Rods coming in! (5 messages)
It seems Computer's Worth's sale price on HanaHo's Hot Rod is going great, but if you want to take advantage of this low price, you have to act soon. They already ran out of stock once and are getting more in shortly, but quantities are limited. As you know, I'm a big fan of HanaHo's hardware and this stick definitely [...more]
Last Impact... (21 messages)
The Impact emulator website was updated today with the availability of the last beta version of Impact.This is basically what the emulator was, just before it got discontinued. It has some speedups and fixes over the released "Public Release 1" from last year. There's also new renderers available for you to try out with [...more]
Pocket Snes9X 0.1 (0 messages)
Do you have a Windows CE Device? Then you might want to try out Pocket Snes9X which is out in it's first release! This version features 16 bit color graphics, auto frameskip, ROM loading dialog so that you can store your ROMs anywhere on the directory structure. There's binaries for ARM, MIPS and SH3 based devices, so [...more]
Thursday, January 11, 2001
AdriPSX News... (0 messages)
Speaking of Playstation emulator, the AdriPSX website was updated as well. Aparently there hasn't been much work done on AdriPSX for a while, however the author is devoting some time into Net support currently. A nice looking screenshot has been posted which details the interface for network play, in a similar fashion [...more]
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