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Sunday, January 21, 2001
New TR64! (1 messages)
A new WIP version of TR64 (Windows) has been released. This was mentioned on the Rumor Mill some time ago, and arrives a bit later than rumored. Nevertheless, it includes the latest Zilmar plug-in specification, as mentioned on the Mill. You can download it from the link above and enjoy! [comments]
X-MAME 0.37b11! (2 messages)
Following the latest 0.37b10.1 release, the newest version of X-MAME is out for you to enjoy. You can download a MAME only source from the X-MAME Website (linked above). Other than being in sync with the latest DOS build, this version merges the Unix changes that were included in the MESS CVS, fixes the 'make -f' problem, [...more]
Saturday, January 20, 2001
MAME32 0.37 Beta 11! (12 messages)
Yet another emulator release, and this one with one of the quickest turnaround times. MAME32 has been updated to the latest DOS version, 0.37b11. You can download it from the Emulator Download Page right now! Other than being up to date with the original port, this version has debug capability in full screen mode, [...more]
RockNES 1.700! (1 messages)
Continuing with emulator releases, Fx3 has released a new version of RockNES, as promised earlier in the week. You can download this new version from the Emulator Download Page right now! A lot of changes going into this release, among them: ZIP ROM support (thanks to katharsis), improvements in the movie support, [...more]
Handy 0.82! (0 messages)
5 months and 0.10 version numbers later, a new version of Handy has come out! You can download version 0.82 from the Emulator Download Page! This version offers Eagle Modes in 24 and 32 bits per pixels, adds Drag and Drop capability for ROMs, ComLynx (netlynx) now works for "Championship Rally"and more. Check out the [...more]
Friday, January 19, 2001
Final Burn 0.076! (7 messages)
Can't be too many days without a new Final Burn right? Dave has released version 0.076 of his awesome emulator, which you can download from the Emulator Download Page. This new version adds support for "Street Fighter Alpha" and support for the Hot Rod joystick in the Input dialog. Version 0.075 was released a few [...more]
Visual Boy 1.4.8! (1 messages)
A new version of Visual Boy has been released to the public! You can download version 1.4.8 from the usual place, the Emulator Download Page. Changes going into this release include: some more fixes for Super Game Boy games, MBC3 clock reworked, support for "Pokemon Crystal", fixed "Road Rash", accelerator support, [...more]
Z26 1.42! (0 messages)
A new version of Z26 has been released! You can download version 1.42 from the Emulator Download Page. This version offers a slightly modified version of the Mindlink code. It also has fixes for a problem with playing "Telepathy" with a joystick, and another problem with "Pigs in Space" which had been there since version [...more]
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