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Tuesday, January 23, 2001
Vampire Saviour is here! (21 messages)
Wondering where you can find "Vampire Saviour" to play with Final Burn. Look no further than EmuViews for your single file, 24MB download. I have just added it to the ROMs and ROMs Lite pages so that you can get one of the most sought after files on the net today, on a very fast connection. Hurry, since I'm not sure [...more]
Monday, January 22, 2001
More RockNES! (0 messages)
Fx3 continues on his roll, with the third release of RockNES in three days. You can download version 1.702 from the Emulator Download Page. This version fixes trainer support. Hey, speaking of emulators that are hosted on EmuViews, if you have a site that you think would qualify for hosting with us, be sure to fill out the form so that I can take a look at it and maybe welcome you into our family. [comments]
Final Burn 0.079! (3 messages)
Update: Turn to the Emulator Download Page for version 0.079 of Final Burn. This version includes a fix triggered by the Microsoft documentation for DirectX 8.0. However Dave didn't notice any changes in his machine. Have you?
Dave has released a new version of his awesome Final Burn emulator. You can download version [...more]
Bliss 1.3! (1 messages)
A bit late, but better later than never, version 1.3 of Bliss has been released. Kyle has been pretty sick during the past few days, but that didn't stop him from completing his promised release. The downloads (Sources, Pure Java and Win32 Runtime versions) are available from the Bliss site. As usual, only download the [...more]
Sunday, January 21, 2001
RockNES 1.701! (4 messages)
NLMSX is not the only emulator needing bug fix releases. RockNES sees a version bump with it's 1.701 release. You can get it from the Emulator Download Page if you want it. It fixes a problem with the new directory settings included with the previous release. If I were you, I would most definitely get it, so what are [...more]
NLMSX 0.32.1! (0 messages)
A lot of emulator releases this weekend eh? We continue with version 0.32.1 of NLMSX. As usual, you can snatch this latest release from the Emulator Download Page. This version complements yesterday's release with a bug fix for a big problem when the window was moved. Yesterday's release (which I missed) had some performance [...more]
Final Burn 0.077! (13 messages)
Dave has released version 0.077 of Final Burn! You can download it from the Emulator Download Page right now! This version plays the recently released "Vampire Saviour". You can probably find this set around the net if you know where to look. The EV Board here already has messages sending people to specific sites, so you can start by looking there. Enjoy! [comments]
Snes9x 1.35! (2 messages)
Speaking of Nintendo emulators... Version 1.35 of Snes9x for Windows have been released. At Gary's request, I'm not posting this file here until a few days have passed at least, so I have to send you over there for the download. There's quite a bit of changes in this release, including: a recently played list to the [...more]
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