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Wednesday, January 24, 2001
Bliss Adds MessageBoard... (0 messages)
I just stopped by the Bliss website (which is hosted at EmuViews by the way), and found that they have added a new Message Board to the site. If you have some comments, questions or suggestions about Bliss, be sure to stop by, and use their new feature. Speaking of hosted sites, the RockNES site has now moved to a different host (for unspecified reasons), so be sure to update your bookmarks. [comments]
Raine32 gets a date too! (2 messages)
The Atani Software website was updated today as well with news about the initial release of the official Raine for Windows port, also known as Raine32. So, for the record, the public release of Raine32 will not follow the Raine release closely, it'll happen on the same day! February 1st will most definitely be a busy [...more]
Tuesday, January 23, 2001
Raine is coming... (10 messages)
While a bit later than what was mentioned on the Rumor Mill last week, you should expect a new official version of Raine on February 1st! That's just a bit over a week ahead, so don't despair. A posting by Emmanuel refers to this date as being fixed since now it is known publically. Also in this posting, details about [...more]
New Jum52 too! (2 messages)
James has updated his Atari 5200 emulator with a new 0.51a+ (Pi) release. You can download this new version from the Emulator Download Page right now. This new binary has some bug fixes and support for the newly available prototype ROMs including "Super Pac-Man"! If there's enough requests for a DOS version, the author will make it available, so be sure to bug him if you want one. Enjoy! [comments]
Modeler W.I.P. (7 messages)
While I was on IRC, Daemon mentioned that the Modeler website should be updated today, and so it was. Work In Progress information has been posted on the News Section. You will be glad to read about Modeler having full-screen and double size graphic modes among other things such as scanlines. Sound and Sidewinder support [...more]
New WinFellow Snapshot! (5 messages)
A new snapshot of WinFellow has been released today! You can get it from the Emulator Download Page. This is a snapshot of the current development status of WinFellow, so don't expect it to perform perfectly, although it should behave quite nicely. The authors are always looking for feedback, so please be sure to comment on it on this forum that they have setup. Amiga fans enjoy! [comments]
Mac RockNES 1.702! (0 messages)
Richard Bannister does it again, posting his RockNES for Macintosh port shortly after the original release. His version, 1.702 is up to date with the DOS version. Includes improvements in the movie support, mapper compatibility, PPU emulation and more. This is without a doubt, the best NES emulator on the Macintosh platform, so be sure to get it. Enjoy! [comments]
Bliss Fix Release (1 messages)
The author of Bliss has released a bug fix release. This version, available from the Bliss website, fixes a problem where Bliss would lock up after returning from full screen DirectX mode. As usual, if you already have a previous version, be sure to download just the core version and save some time, while saving me some bandwidth. [comments]
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