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Saturday, January 27, 2001
JNes 0.40b2! (1 messages)
Jabo makes another good NES emulator release, with version 0.40b2 of his Windows based J-NES emulator. You can get it from the Emulator Download Page as usual. This should fix problems with 'sparatic' save states although the format has remained the same, so your previous save states should still work. DirectInput problems should also go away now. Check it out! [comments]
Friday, January 26, 2001
NLMSX 0.33! (0 messages)
Geesh, lots of news today eh? A new version of NLMSX was released today! You can get version 0.33 from the Emulator Download Page right now! This version adds support for the YM2413 (FM-PAC) chip, and also changes the MSX2 and MSX2+ configurations so that they both support the YM2413 configuration on slot 3-0. Get your downloads going and enjoy! [comments]
Mimic News... (1 messages)
Our favorite Beaver, Michael Beaver, has come back from his work trips, and has updated the Mimic website with a status check on his emulator. The Sega Master System driver is much more stable now, although some cartridges still won't run. The SystemE driver was verified by studying the board but even with what he has [...more]
Apollo lands... (3 messages)
The Nintendo 64 emulation project known as Apollo has sadly come to an end. The author, Azimer, has made an update on the website indicating that he's calling it quits for various reasons, but it seems that mostly, because of lack of support or fans of the emulator. Check out his posting, which was actually edited later [...more]
AGES W.I.P. (8 messages)
The Ages website was updated today with some news about the emulator. The author has made available a translation kit, if you want to help make Ages available into other language. So if you're bi-lingual, be sure to try and make your contribution. Secondly, a very nice screenshot of "Robo Aleste" (Sega CD Game) is shown [...more]
Darkstalkers is here too! (4 messages)
Some people ask me where they can find the latest CPS-2 games, and I can't help it but upload them myself to my site. So EmuViews is now proudly carrying not only: "Vampire Saviour" but also "Darkstalkers" (also known as "Vampire: Night Warriors". Be sure to visit the ROMs or ROMs Lite to get your favorite Final Burn games. I just ask you to remember who loves you baby! [comments]
Final Burn 0.083! (3 messages)
Well, I guess this time it's no surprise. Dave has released three more versions of Final Burn. Version 0.082 is available for grabbing from the Emulator Download Page. Version 0.081 fixed the "VS Screen" rowscroll problem and alignment of the Hi-Score screen. Version 0.083 (0.082 was deleted from the finalburn.txt [...more]
QPlayer 1.4.1! (0 messages)
Barry Rodewald has made available a new version of his QSound player QPlayer! You can download version 1.4.1 from the usual place; the Emulator Download Page. This new version corrects the readings of the sample ROMs among other things. The overall sound experience should be now much better. It's nice to see Dave helping [...more]
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